The Golden Easterlings are a great kingdom of Men, bound to the will of their god, the Dark Lord, and are ready to serve him in his war against the Free Peoples. They are the grandest of all the kingdoms in the east, and they are skilled in the art of fire. They are also in a trade partnership with their neighbors, the Dorwidhrim. They also are known for their golden armour, hence the name, "Golden Easterlings"


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A new sunrise shall come for the Eastrons!

The Easterlings of Rhudel are a fierce people, numerous and strong. Their hatred of the men of Gondor is not forgotten, and they desire the Westlands for their own, due to their great fertility and booty. The Dark Lord, their god, beckons; soon Gondor will be destroyed by their might. They look northward as well: their foes in Dale will not expand their greedy kingdom much longer. And should the Dorwidhrim turn their backs to Sauron, then they too will have to be destroyed.


Their Sphere of influence is centered around their homeland, as well as the capitals of their enemies, Dale and Gondor.

Sphere Rhudel

Inter-faction relations

Mortal Enemies
•Mordor None •Angmar

•Blue Mountains
•Dol Guldur
•Near Harad


•Dúnedain of the North
•High Elves
•Woodland Realm



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NPCs: Easterling (Archer, Clansman, Farmhand, Fire-thrower, Golden, Warrior)
Traders: Market TradersWarlord
Items: Armour (Golden) • BowEquipmentFire-potKhamûl's Fire
Blocks: Brick (Red) • Crafting Table
Structures: Settlements

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