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The Rhûnic Fire-pot is a fiendish device constructed by the Easterlings, designed to set flame to all creatures they encounter. Wielded by Easterling fire-throwers, these weapons are thrown at players and mobs and set them on fire.

Upon impact these do 3 ( 3 ) of damage initially, along with a further 4 ( 4 ) of fire damage, totalling 7 ( 7 ) of damage. If you happen to miss, don't worry! As long as the target is close enough, they will catch fire, taking anywhere from 2-4 ( 2  to  4 ) of damage.


Rhûnic Fire-pots are crafted like so:

Rhûnic crafting recipe
Rhûnic Crafting
Gilded Iron Ingot
Rhûnic Fire-pot

This outputs 4 Fire-pots. The pots only stack up to 4, meaning you'll need lots of inventory space to hold a lot of them.

They can also be obtained as rare drops from fire-throwers (meaning it is possible for good-aligned players to obtain them), as long as they are holding the fire-pot when they are slain. If you get too close, they will switch to a dagger and only be able to drop that instead.

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