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Rhinos are large mobs that spawn in Far Harad. They were originally part of the Lion King mod but have since been remodelled.


Rhinos spawn in many of the biomes in Far Harad, such as the grasslands and bushland.

A rhino and its baby in the grasslands.


They are passive mobs, but will turn hostile when provoked, dealing four points of damage with one hit. They are surprisingly fast and can outrun the player if he is walking; the player is slightly faster while running. Because of this it is best you do not face them when hungry unless you are powerful enough. The rhino is fairly fast, but it cannot jump. It can only travel up a maximum height of one block, running over the raised block similarly to a horse.


Rhinos will drop raw meat (RhinoMeat.png) and/or a horn (Rhino Horn.png) when killed. The meat can be cooked (CookedRhino.png), and the horn can be used to make Torog draught (TorogDraught.gif). The horn is also a rarer drop.


As of Public Beta 21, rhinos can be tamed and ridden like horses: You can feed it any type of horsefood when untamed, to speed up the time. Then you get on the rhinos' back over and over until it likes you.

When tamed, a rhino moves exactly like a horse or wild boar.

The rhino is a powerful mount. It comes with 30 (15 x  30 ) (in average) health and inflicts about 6 ( 6 ) damage to foes that it charges into. It also flings foes up high into the air, often resulting in fall damage. Rhinos can be bred using wheat and tied to a fence with a lead.

As of Public Beta 22 rhinos are the mounts of Half-troll warriors and can be fitted with armour.

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