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Rhino meat is a food item in the mod. It is dropped from rhinos when they are killed. Like all meats, it can be cooked to restore a larger amount of hunger points.


Rhino meat can be obtained by killing rhinos. You can breed rhinos to create rhino farms. The meat can also be found in Morwaith structures. Raw meat can be cooked in a regular furnace or Hobbit oven. Rhinos can be found in Far Harad.


The raw meat can be eaten for 2 ( 2 ) hunger points, the cooked variant for 7 ( 7 ) hunger points. It can also be sold to a Half-troll scavenger. Raw meat can also be put on a Kebab stand to be cooked into Kebab.

heat needed
raw rhino meat
any kind of fuel
cooked rhino meat
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