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The Rhudaur Hillman Axe-thrower is an NPC that spawns in Angmar, and is part of the Rhudaur Hillmen sub-faction. It is essentially the same as the Dunlending axe-thrower.


Like all Hillmen, Hillman axe-throwers spawn most commonly in Angmar, but they can also spawn in the Ettenmoors, Coldfells, or Lone-Lands. The also appear in invasions.


These Hillman axe-throwers use either bronze or iron throwing axes as weapons, and are equipped with a mix of Angmar armour, bone armour, and/or fur armour (they also may occasionally spawn without a helmet). In addition, they carry an Angmar shield on their backs, but that is for cosmetic purposes only.


Rhudaur axe-throwers will attack all enemies of Angmar without hesitation, which means players with negative Angmar alignment should be wary when near them. When they see a target, the axe-thrower will move to a suitable distance (if they are too close they will move away) before using their ranged weapons. They do not have a melee attack. However, players who fight them should be careful; their thrown axes deal a lot of damage, and they can be launched with considerable speed and accuracy, and a few of them can quickly kill even a well-equipped player.

When there are no enemies nearby, the axe-throwers will wander idly around their environment. These NPCs are capable of bestowing mini-quests.


When killed, Rhudaur axe-throwers have a chance of dropping bones, pouches, coins, food, worn equipment, or worn armour. If you slay one of these NPCs, you obtain -2 Angmar alignment.


Axe-throwers can be hired from Rhudaur Hillman chieftains for a price of 50 silver coins if the player has +200 alignment with Angmar.

Another hire-able version of this NPC is the axe-thrower mounted on an Angmar Warg, which can be hired for a price of 70 coins at +300 alignment.

Advantages Disadvantages
Can be hired in Lone-Lands and other nearby regions. Expensive for an axe thrower
Works well against swimming enemies Has mediocre armour with the same statistics as Rohirric armour
Well priced alignment wise


These primitive warriors may be nasty to the Dúnedain scum, but if you crush enough heads and earn some respect you will be greeted like a hero. However, if you are aligned with good, these warriors will most likely react by crushing your skull!


  • You seem like a warrior of my kind, Person.
  • Angmar will soon rise again!
  • I have crushed many heads in battle. Have you, Person?
  • What do you need?
  • Angmar will rule and the lands of Númenóreans shall burn!
  • Númenóreans are filthy animals. They will all perish before the power of Angmar!
  • Welcome to our lands, Person, friend of Angmar.
  • Warriors of great might, such as yours, are welcome in these lands.
  • Rangers are no match for the strength of the Hillmen of Rhudaur!
  • Are you a warrior of Rhudaur, Person?
  • Can you fight like the warriors of Rhudaur, Person?
  • The blood of the Westermen will be shed soon enough.
  • Will you fight with us Hillmen, Person?
  • We are glad to see you are an enemy of the Dúnedain Rangers, Person.
  • Death to the Dúnedain!
  • Death to the Númenórean filth!
  • I have tasted the blood of Westermen many a time, and I shall again!
  • If you are an enemy of the Rangers, you are a friend of ours.
  • Any enemy of the Westermen is welcome in our lands.


  • I'll smash your face in!
  • Die, Dúnedain filth!
  • You are not one of the Hillmen. Flee, scum!
  • I'll crush your skull with my fist, Dúnadan scum!
  • Run while you still can!
  • You are an enemy of Angmar. Death awaits you!
  • You will bleed quickly and die fast, Person!
  • I'll break your legs, and then you won't be running any more!
  • Your screams won't be heard by your filthy kin here!
  • Death to you and your kin!
  • I'll skin you like a rabbit!
  • You belong with the meat, roasting on my fire!
  • What Ranger fiend are you?
  • You are no friend of ours, Person!
  • Your doom belongs to the Morgul-lords now, Person!
  • Scream for your life, weakling!
  • You will squeal like the rest of the Númenórean rats!
  • Curse you, friend of the Westermen!
  • I will flay you alive!
  • I have gutted tougher fish than you, Person!


  • Let us burn their homes to ash!
  • We fight for you, Person!
  • I can almost taste the Rangers' wretched blood, Person.
  • Lead us to battle!
  • You are a mighty warrior of Rhudaur, Person!
  • I want to crush their skulls under my foot!
  • Where is the fight, Person? I want to kill!
  • The roar of battle awaits!
  • Your enemies are our enemies, Person!
  • Let us stain the ground with the blood of Númenóreans!
  • My weapon hungers for a head to split!
  • Scars await us in the battle ahead, Person.
  • You are a great warrior, Person. Lead us to victory.
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