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The Rhudaur Hillman Warriors are the warrior version of the Hillmen of Rhudaur. They are very similar to Dunlending warriors and are allied to the forces of Angmar.


The Hillmen warriors often spawn in Angmar and its surrounding areas such as the Ettenmoors, the Coldfells, and the Lone-lands.

Angmar Shield.png  The Raiders of Angmar  Angmar Banner.PNG

NPCs: Orc (Archer, Banner Bearer, Bombardier) • Troll (Chieftain, Hill) • Warg (Bombardier)
Traders: ChieftainTrader
Items: Armour (Morgul, Morgul Horse, Warg) • ChainEquipment (Morgul) • Skull Staff
Blocks: BedBrickCrafting TableForgeTorch (Morgul)
Structures: CampDungeonHoardShrineTowerWarg Pit

Angmar Shield.png  The Hillmen of Rhudaur  Rhudaur Banner.PNG

NPCs: Rhudaur Hillman (Axe-thrower, Banner Bearer, Warrior)
Traders: Chieftain
Structures: CastleVillage