This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

The Ring Portal is the first method of getting to the Middle-earth dimension. As of Public Beta 29, they can be broken in creative mode.

Creation Edit

The portal is created by throwing a gold ring into fire or a source block of lava. When created, it will cause an explosion that will destroy nearby blocks, so it is advisable to stand away when using it and not to use it near any structures. In addition, keep in mind that if you use lava, the explosion will likely destroy whatever was holding the lava in place, so you may have to run. Fire is a safer option.   

Use Edit

To get to Middle-earth, simply stand within the ring. After a short wait, your screen will turn red and you will then be spawned into Middle-earth. Note that the portal spawns above the ground, so stairs or a small tower of blocks often need to be made to access the portal in survival mode.  

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Ring portal and starting chest (outdated) as seen from the Shire.

Within Middle-earth, the portal is located at (0,0) in the Shire. Upon arriving in this fantasy land, you gain the achievement "First Steps". Now, you will probably meet the Grey Wanderer, who shows you the first few steps into the fascinating world of the Ring.

To get back to the overworld, simply step into the ring portal again.

Beware not to place the portal too open as vanilla mobs from the overworld can use it to get to Middle-earth.

The ring portal is significant for being the only circle in Minecraft (unless one has other mods). However, the moon and sun are also round in Middle-earth.

Is the ring missing? Edit

This is a server-specific issue. If the server is started without the lotrmod.jar, your overworld portal may disappear. As an opped player, simply get to the location where you need the ring and type /lotr_summon lotr.Portal. Make sure you're standing in the correct location because you don't want to have to rebuild the room/terrain/area you've summoned your ring into. Alternately, you can use the /lotr_summon lotr.Portal [x] [y] [z] format to place your portal in a specific location of that world.


To create the ring portal, fire is essential. The anglo-saxon cweorð-rune (= letters KW) means "fire". Tolkien used those ᚱᚢᚾᛖᛋ for some texts in the initial drafts of "The Lord of the Rings"; later on, he replaced them with cirth runes. Sorry, no quote (not included in the Old English rune poem).

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