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"In the moonlight, the Ring of Isengard looked like a graveyard of unquiet dead. For the ground trembled.

The Two Towers

The Ring of Isengard is a huge circular wall that marks the outer perimeter of the great fortress of Isengard. It is located in Nan Curunír.

It can be found at approximately X: 37497 and Z: 42438.

Note that the Tower of Orthanc, the centre of Isengard, is not yet implemented into the mod.


It is generated as a circular wall made of Númenórean bricks, with the Isengard waypoint at its center and has a radius of 400 blocks.

The wall walkway is at Y=100.The Ring has only one gate (unless players add more). This gate is located where the road from the Fords of Isen enters Nan Curunír. The gate is made of charred wood.

Spawning and other biome specific conditions inside the wall are the same as those outside the wall.

The structure has no loot, apart from some easy stone bricks and orc torches.

On the inside there are two ladders leading up to the battlements.


  • It's appearance was first reported by Ronshol The Black in this blog post.
  • It was not in the mods patch notes.
  • It is considered the first major structure to be added to the mod.

Approximate place where the southern wall meets the road.

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