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A roast chestnut is a food item obtained by cooking a conker in a furnace or a Hobbit oven. It only restores 2 ( 2 ) so it is not a very effective food source. However, because chestnut trees are easy to find, they can be prepared quickly when travelling. They are good for cold winter evenings as a snack, along with a nice warm mug of chocolate in front of your crackling fireplace .

Raw chestnuts, known in the Mod as conkers are items that fall from chestnut trees. These items do not require the tree to be broken, like apples, rather they fall naturally from a healthy and full tree, being one of the first to do so in the realm of Middle-earth.

Roast chestnuts can also be found in various chests in spawned structures around the Shire. They can also be stacked on plates, like most foods, and Hobbits can occasionally be seen eating them.

A roast chesnut and a mug of hot chocolate.

Food of Middle-earth