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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

Rock Salt is a fairly common mineral that can be acquired by mining rock salt, which is found underground. It is the only resource for salt, a major commodity that is mainly used for food preservation.


The mineral ore has the same rarity as nitre ore and sulfur ore. Compared to those common ores rock salt veins are up to 1.5 times bigger, containing up to 12 blocks, but their occurrence is 2/3 of that of nitre and saltpeter.

Rock salt can be found in any biome of Middle-earth in layers under elevation level 64. The underground of oceans and seas contains two and a half times as much rock salt, albeit in veins of a slightly smaller average volume. In the sands and soils of oceanic islands and shores between elevation levels 56 and 80, there is an additional small chance to also hit rock salt deposits of up to 8 blocks.

Rock Salt as found along the Far Harad Rocky Coast


Rock salt blocks can be 'smelted' in vanilla furnaces and alloy forges to obtain salt, which can have various applications in the mod. It can also be turned to salt in the millstone. The applicability of salt is currently restricted to the crafting of gammon from cooked pork and salted and suspicious meats from rotten flesh of various origin. It can also be put together with 2 pieces of wheat in the Dalish crafting table to make cram. Salt can also be sold to certain traders for a good price.

heat needed
Rock Salt
Rock Salt
Rock Salt
Rock Salt
any kind of fuel


  • Throughout earth history, salt was and is still the most common resource used to conserve foodstuffs. Unsurprisingly, salt has long been the most common currency.
  • On earth, salt is extracted from both rock salt deposits and deposits of salt in salt pans along sea water shores. In the mod, the grinding of rock salt to obtain salt in the mod is a cosmetic way to simulate the effort required to separate the mineral from its surrounding rocky neighbours. In reality the extraction of salt from mineral ore rock is mainly done by dissolution and hardly requires elevated temperatures.
  • Chemically, salt is commonly known as sodium chloride, NaCl.
  • Rock salt is called halite, and because of impurities it can have various colors including blue, purple, pink, red, orange, and yellow.
  • Halite occurs underground in enormous salt domes created as layers of salt mushroom upwards under the pressure of rock layers. They can erupt into salt glaciers if they reach the surface. These are very seismically stable, making them a candidate for the safe storage of nuclear waste.
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