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Behold! We are come to the great barrows where the sires of Théoden sleep. Seven mounds upon the left, and nine upon the right, Many long lives of men it is since the golden hall was built.

The Two Towers, The King of the Golden Hall

The Rohan Barrow is a rare structure found in the Rohan biome. They are burial mounds that cover the graves of the past kings of Rohan.


Rohan barrows take the shape of a small dirt mound with several Simbelmynë flowers on top of it.


The mound is hollow inside and contains a floor made of Rohan brick and walls of Rohan rock. Under the Rohan brick in the centre of the barrow is a chest. Attempting to access this chest will spawn a wraith, which will attempt to kill the offending player. If killed, the wraith will leave the contents of the chest available for the taking. The chest may contain bones, silver or gold nuggets, skeleton skulls, silver coins, or various types of metal ingots.


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