The Rohan Barrow Wraith is a hostile undead mob that inhabit Rohan Barrows. They spawn with a harsh shrieking noise when players attempt to open the chest inside the barrow for the first time.

They carry Rohirric Swords and wear Rohirric Marshal Armour minus the helmet. These are the only visible differences they have from an ordinary vanilla skeleton, besides the absence of a bow.

Behavior Edit

These mobs are very similar to other wraiths, as killing them does not affect your alignment whatsoever. Because they are undead, they are affected by the smite enchantment and Wraithbane modifier. This mob will attack any player regardless of their alignment and will also attack other wraiths (Gondor, Harad), spiders (Mordor, Mirkwood), and a variety of other mobs.

Drops Edit

When killed, they will drop 0 to 5 bones. They may also rarely drop their equipment.

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