The Rohirric Farmhand is a NPC unique to the Rohirrim. They can be hired for 40 (4coinX) coins from a Rohirric Farmer, provided you have at least 50 alignment with Rohan. These worker will tend your fields, and plant any seeds you give them. They will also attack any Rabbits that are attempting to steal your crops.


These NPCs can be killed rather easily, and are a decent source of farming equipment.

Drops Amount
Iron Hoe Iron hoe 1
Bone Bone 1-6
Hay Bale Hay Bale 1
Copper Goblet GobletCopper 1
Arrow Arrow 1
Pear Pear 1
Feather Feather 1-2
Coin Silver Coin 1-2
Bread Bread 1
Rohan Shield  The Horse-Lords of Rohan  Rohan Banner

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