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Rohan Fortresses are generated structures that spawn in the centre of fortress villages in the land of Rohan. They represent the major military structures of Rohan.


The fortress is made largely out of logs, wood planks, Rohan bricks, and fences.

It contains a large chest, four furnaces, an anvil, a regular crafting table, a Rohirric crafting table, and five Rohan banners (found on all four corners of the fortress walls and one over the entrance).

There is also a small dormitory for the soldiers, which contains a barrel of Mead and four straw beds.

Prior to Beta 27, the entrance to the fort was blocked by three wooden fence gates, but that update replaced the fence gate with a more realistic 3x3 wooden gate. In Beta 30, the fortress underwent a significant redesign, and only spawns in the centre of Rohan fortress villages.


The fortress always spawns with four tamed horses tied to a pole using leads. Every fort will contain eight non-mounted soldiers. The ratio of bowmen to melee units is random.


The most important feature of these fortresses is usually the presence of two traders – a Rohirrim Marshal and a Blacksmith of Rohan.

From the blacksmith, you can buy Rohirric equipment in exchange for leather, iron, gold, and other metals. From the marshal, you can hire the forces of Rohan to fight for you, provided that you have enough alignment and silver coins.

Trying to find Rohan fortresses to kill the traders therein for alignment is not recommended – the fortresses always spawn filled with a bunch of Rohirrim and Rohirrim bowmen, and upon exiting, there is a good possibility that mounted Rohirrim will chase you down.


Rohan Shield.png  The Horse-Lords of Rohan  Rohan Banner.PNG

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