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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

Rohan rock is a brown stone found in Rohan between the layers of dirt and stone in a layer about 10 blocks deep, and also in large random pockets deep underground. It also makes up the boulders found in Rohan.


In order to mine Rohan rock, you'll need a pickaxe – a wooden one will do, but a better pickaxe will obviously make gathering large quantities of rock much easier and faster.

Rohan rock is used in Rohirric crafting to make bricks, rock slabs, and pillars, which can then be turned into brick slabs, stairs and walls. On the vanilla crafting table, it can also be made into pressure plates and buttons, which can be useful for opening and closing doors.

A few blocks of Rohan rock and its slabs will also generate as part of some generated structures, namely the barrow.

Naturally spawned Rohan rock.


  • In early updates, two pieces of Rohan rock were needed to craft the Rohirric crafting table, but this is no longer the case.