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Rohan watchtowers are wooden structures that generate in the land of Rohan. They contain two levels, with a ladder to climb up to the second level. They are illuminated with torches and contain 2-3 Rohirrim and/or Rohirrim bowmen

The two chests that can be found in this structure contain loot that may include, but is not limited to: Rohirric equipment and armour, food, mugs, leads, arrows, and saddles.

Ground Level[]

The ground floor contains a barrel of mead, a chest, four bales of hay, and a ladder to access the second floor. 

Second Level[]

The second floor has a Rohirric crafting table and another chest. The Rohirrim soldiers typically will spawn up here.

Ruined Variant[]

A ruined variant of the Rohan watchtower spawns occasionally in the highlands. These broken structures have been heartlessly burned by the Uruk pillagers, are made up of charred wood, and have been already looted by the Uruks.


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