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The Rohirrim have good bowmen after their fashion [...]

The Two Towers, Helm's Deep

The Rohirric Bow is the bow that Rohirrim bowmen use. It is not one of the most powerful bows because it does not require iron in the crafting, however it is a good bow to pick up on your way through Rohan because it is stronger than the Vanilla bow and has an easy and cheap crafting recipe. In real life, this bow would be a recurve bow, as (in the screenshot) you can clearly see the recurve in it.


Draw Time (ticks) Ranged Damage Range
20 6-11 ( 6  to  11  11 ) 120%


The bow is crafted on the Rohirric crafting table with 3 sticks and 3 pieces of string.

Rohirric crafting recipe
Rohirric Crafting
any stick
any stick
any stick
Rohirric Bow
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