Rohirrim are the civilians that inhabit that land of Rohan. They inhabit Rohan Villages. Unlike the famed Rohirric cavalry, these NPCs are peaceful and will only attack if provoked.

Spawning[edit | edit source]

The civilians of Rohan spawn only in the villages that can be found in their homeland. They do not spawn afield like the warriors.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

Normally, they will wander their settlement idly. They are passive and will not attack anything unless provoked. When attacked, they will defend themselves with a Rohirric dagger, or various other tools. They are poorly equipped for battle and can be a useful source of alignment points for evil players.

Drops[edit | edit source]

When slain, Rohirrim will drop any of the items that can be found in the chests within their dwellings, with the same rarity. They may also drop Man-flesh.

Speechbank[edit | edit source]


  • You are welcome in the Riddermark, Person.
  • Welcome, Person. What brings you to the land of Rohan?
  • Welcome to Rohan, Person.
  • The horses need feeding, Person!
  • What is your business here, traveller?
  • The kingdoms of Men are not as glorious as they once were.
  • Have you heard from our friends in Stoningland, Person? Have they forsaken us?
  • Have you ever seen the Golden Hall, Person? The light of Meduseld shines far over the land!
  • These lands are troubled, Person. Orcs often break through our borders.
  • The days grow dark, and the nights grow cold.
  • The horses of Rohan are the finest in all Middle-earth.
  • I'm afraid we won't have enough food for the winter, Person.
  • If those Orcs of the White Hand ever come 'round here, I'm ready to fight.
  • New life grows ever where the forefathers of Rohan sleep.
  • We are the herdsmen and farmers of the Mark.
  • We Eorlingas are a proud and wilful race.
  • Be sure that you feed those horses, Person.
  • In these grim times our lands are often besieged by the servants of evil.
  • Have you heard the songs of Helm Hammerhand? They say he slew Dunlendings even to his last day on earth.
  • Have you heard the songs of Helm Hammerhand? They say he was found dead in the snow, with the blood of Dunlendings still frozen on his hands.
  • Seldom do Orcs journey in the open, under the sun, yet recently they have been doing so. I fear for our people.
  • Orcs bearing the White Hand have been seen crossing our borders and raiding our villages.
  • How tall and fair was Eorl the Young, who rode down out of the North!
  • I wish I could join the King's Riders, and fight for my family.
  • Horses always need feeding, you know.
  • You're not some wizard's spy, are you, Person?
  • The White Wizard has many spies in his service. You're not one of them, are you?
  • The White Wizard has taken Orcs into his service, and Wolf-riders, and wicked Men. War is coming.
  • Seldom do we have travellers in this land. What is your purpose here?
  • The King is ill, some say. He is not how he once was.
  • Be sure that you feed those horses well.
  • We are not yet at open war with the Power of the Black Land far away; but if you are fleeing from him, then you had best leave this land.
  • Beware the White Wizard, Person. He walks about like an old man, hooded and cloaked, they say.
  • Are you in league with the Sorceress of the Golden Wood? Webs of deceit were ever woven in Dwimordene.
  • There are old tales of talking trees in the Entwood. I'd like to know the truth, but none are brave enough to enter.
  • Beware the trees of the Entwood, Person!
  • Would you like to see my horses?
  • Don't forget to feed the horses!
  • Orcs are multiplying in the mountains. I fear for my family, Person.
  • The tales of Orc-raids in the Westfold grow year by year.
  • Where is the King when we need him, Person? Where are his riders?
  • I am afraid for our people.
  • The Dunlending wildmen name us Strawheads. Well, Person, I would rather have straw for hair than live every day among dirt and pig-filth.
  • I hope you didn't forget to feed those horses.
  • There's talk of raiders from the Black Land sneaking in by night and stealing our horses. I can't bear to think of it, to tell truth.
  • We Rohirrim value our horses above all else. They are the best in all Middle-earth!
  • Have you ridden today, Person, or did you journey on foot?
  • Have you fed your horses well?
  • The days have come down in the West. Behind the hills, and into shadow.
  • Where is the horse and the rider? We are in need of them more than ever, Person.
  • To think we used to be good friends with the Men of Stoningland! Long have they forsaken us.
  • Our crops wither, our horses are stolen, and they say the King's illness worsens by the day.
  • The people of Dunland are vicious, and cruel. Be wary of them.
  • The hillmen are growing ever more hostile. I have heard many tales of burned villages and slain horses.
  • Horses love a good carrot every now and again.
  • I hope you've been doing a good job of feeding those horses.
  • Men say the cruel folk of Sutherstreams are gathering for an assault on Stoningland.
  • We have an old quarrel with the Corsairs of Sutherland.


  • You are not welcome in the Mark, Person!
  • You should have fled these lands long ago!
  • You will pay for your crimes, Person!
  • We Rohirrim shall not suffer your presence in these lands, Person!
  • You're a villain!
  • Get out of my sight, Person.
  • I suggest you leave this place, Person.
  • Away with you!
  • What do you want from me, you scoundrel?
  • You shall get no welcome here.
  • The heroes of Rohan will strike you down, Person.
  • You ruffian! Back to where you came from!
  • You serve the White Hand!
  • You're worse than the wild Men!
  • Guards! Guards!
  • The treachery of Isengard is unwelcome here.
  • Don't hurt my horses!
  • Off with you, you villain!
  • I don't do dealings with ne'er-do-wells like you!
  • Away with you, Person. We want no evil here.
  • What are you, Person, bandit, Goblin-man, or some devilry of Isengard?
  • You are a devil in the White Wizard's service! Begone!
  • Ruffians like you aren't welcome here.
  • The King's Riders will strike you down, Person.
  • You shall pay for your crimes.
  • Stay away from me.
  • I'll be having nothing to do with you.
  • You and your kind aren't welcome in Rohan.
  • Away with you, you villain!
  • People like you aren't welcome in these lands.

Drunkard[edit | edit source]

If the Rohirrim get too drunk, they use the following speechbank:


  • Ring ding diddle diddle I de oh ring di diddly I oh!
  • Roll roll roll roll, roll-roll-rolling down the hole!
  • Hey ho! To the bottle I go!
  • I drink, therefore I am.
  • Tippity tippity tap! Splish splash splosh!
  • My ale! Mine!
  • Do not turn me about so, Person. My stomach is not constant.
  • Stop walking on the wall, Person! Ho! Ho!
  • Here and there, ale is everywhere!
  • I couldn't live without my ale!
  • The ale is mine!
  • Up and down and left and right, I will drink until the end of night!
  • Teh to ti ti tum!
  • More ale in my pail!
  • I used to be an adventurer, just like you. Then I discovered ale!
  • *hic*
  • Help! Everything is square! How long have I been here? Am I going mad? Please help me, Person!
  • Yo ho ho and a horn of your finest mead!
  • They see me! They see you! They see everything!
  • A song! A song!
  • Sing, Person! Sing!
  • Give me a reason to fight and I shall drink mead!
  • Well, well, haven't you come a long way! I haven't seen you in years, Person!
  • Get off me, you drunkard!
  • You shouldn't have *hic* drunk so much, Person, you fool.
  • Goodness me, what a fine day for it!
  • Ah, my old friend! Welcome home!
  • Ring a ding a ding dong, sing me a song!
  • You'll want to back off, else we'll be having a scuffle!
  • My, my, my, aren't you a strange fellow?
  • Your breath stinks of ale. Begone!
  • Why do you sway around so?
  • Aha, yes, you're a clever little fellow, aren't you?
  • Stand still there!
  • Get out of my tavern!
  • Stay well away from me, Strawhead!
  • There's always room for more drink!
  • Yes, and a fine place for it!
  • Oh, I quite agree, Person.
  • I'll have you know I have quite the tale, to have you know, my Person.
  • And what a day for it! What a day indeed!
  • Don't you like to drink, Person?
  • My old friend! Come, drink with me, Person.
  • Now's not the time for it.
  • I already told you, I have quite the tale for you to know, a tale. Now go away.
  • That's not what you say, is it?
  • I'm strong, I am. Strong and I can talk too.
  • Can't you see I'm busy?
  • Those cursed Dunlendings.
  • You want me to tell you that old tale again?
  • Speak up, Person! I can barely hear you.
  • You're a dim old fellow, aren't you?
  • That's very clever, Person. Very clever indeed, yes, very clever.
  • I'd tell you, but then I'd only have to tell you again, you old fool.
  • Here I am!
  • Goodness, isn't it dark in here?
  • Slow down! All of you, slow down.
  • I've had it up to here with your tomfoolery.
  • Is it time to go home yet, Person?
  • Get away from me, you dirty old Strawhead!
  • Someone forgot to feed the horses! Oh, woe is me!
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