The rolling pin is a melee weapon used by the various baker NPCs in the mod (from Dale to Umbar). They will defend themselves with it if attacked (except the Bree-hobbit baker who will flee, despite wielding a rolling pin).

It deals as much damage as a wooden sword, so unequipped players should be careful when attacking a baker. The rolling pin has great early game potential due to its cheap reforge materials.

Rolling pins can also be found on weapon racks inside the baker stalls in the bazaars of the Gulfing and Harnennor settlements as well as in an item frame in Gruk's House.

Damage Speed Reach Knockback Possible modifiers
5 (5hearts) 100% 100% Normal enduring, hardy, lasting, blessed, blunt, chilling, crooked, dull, dwarfbane, elfbane, fortunate, headhunting, hefty, hulking, infernal, keen, legendary, long, lucky, mighty, orcbane, sharp, slow, spiderbane, stunted, swift, trollbane, wargbane, wightbane, and wraithbane


The rolling pin can be crafted on the vanilla crafting table using two sticks and any type of wood planks. They can be reforged at an anvil using planks.

vanilla crafting recipe
any stick
any wood planks
any stick
Rolling Pin


The rolling pin was added alongside Dalish bakers and was initially considered a Dalish item, however it is now distributed throughout the bakeries of Middle-earth.


A Dalish Baker wielding a rolling pin

A Dalish Baker wielding a rolling pin.

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