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Rotten flesh is a kind of food, eaten by Orcs and evil aligned players.

Obtaining Edit

heat needed
Orc Forge
Raw Chicken
Raw Mutton
Raw Porkchop
Raw Rabbit
Rotten Flesh
Rotten Flesh
Rotten Flesh
Rotten Flesh
any kind of fuel

Rotten flesh is a common drop from all types of Orcs. It can also be obtained by cooking any type of meat in an Orc forge. As most cooked meat has a food content of 6 (6food) or even higher, and rotten flesh has only 4 (4food), this process lowers it by 33 to 50 percent. By salting the rotten flesh to create suspicious meat, its nutritional value can be restored to 6 (6food).

Usage Edit

Eating rotten flesh heals four 4food hunger points and has a chance of 80% to inflict the hunger effect, similar to maggoty bread. A players' alignment with evil factions does not influence the risk of hunger. Rotten flesh can also be used to feed tamed wolves or wargs.

The most effective way to put rotten flesh to use is either by selling it to half-troll scavengers and oddment collectors, or by salting it, which produces suspicious meat. That item has more nutritional value and may be interesting for own consumption, but the economic value is limited, as there are no traders who are interested in buying it.

Rotten flesh is also used to brew Torog draught, prepare Torog stew and to craft waste blocks.

Reasons to eat it Edit

Why should players ever eat this? Because often, they have to. Many a young adventurer is forced to consume this disgusting item when their food runs out, and this is all they have. Because if rotten flesh is one thing, it´s plentiful. And when combined with milk to negate the hunger effect, players may not find rotten flesh to be all that bad, (as with maggoty bread).

Also, evil-aligned players might want to eat it, because it fits better their role play, as finer food does.

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