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Ruffian brutes are tough-looking characters that can be found in the peaceful regions of Bree-land and Chetwood. They are scruffy men with similar ancestry to the dunlendings and hillmen, and, although not openly hostile, they are in league with Isengard (some of them even look somewhat Orcish...). They can have either Bree-land or Dunlending names and sometimes wear a hat.

Killing a ruffian brute will award the achievement "Et tu, Brute?".


Ruffians spawn commonly in Chetwood, but also in Adornland, Bree-land, Dunland and Nan Curunír. They can also spawn in the Shire through conquest for Isengard.

In Bree-land settlements, ruffians also spawn in ruffian houses, which can be found near the side gates of villages and occasionally in hamlets.


First onsight[]

Ruffians are technically unaligned but create localised spheres of influence for Isengard. They therefore are largely passive, not wishing to cause a stir while they gather intelligence (and pipe-weed) for Saruman. They will also avoid rangers (of the North as well of Ithilien) and guards but will not be attacked by them. Bree-landers and hobbits will avoid them, but bounders will attack them if they dare enter the Shire...

If attacked, they will fight back with iron daggers, swords or battleaxes (and any nearby ruffians may join in - subsequent hits increase the range), but killing one will not award any alignment. If the player is drunk, nearby brutes may try to attack the player.

Ruffian brutes offer mini-quests, such as fetching ale or killing Bree-landers, and in return they will become a hired unit. They are unique in that they have no alignment requirement to command them.

Completing a mini-quest for a brute will award the achievement "Ruff 'n' Tumble".

Once hired[]

Once hired, you can notice the brute have not the same behavior as the most of the hireable units. Because the brutes are neutrals, they will attack enemies only if you order it or if you're attacked by enemies (they won't automatically attack Bandits either!).

To sum up, they will intervene only for self-defence, protecting another ruffian, protecting their boss (the player) or if you order them to intervene (by attacking an enemy for example). In every other situations, the brutes will stay passive even in presence of danger.

Some could consider this like a disadvantage. But a NPC who acts only to defend you without caring enemies who don't agress you but them who attack you; and in taking the fact their neutrality with every factions makes them immune to the direct agressivity of the most of NPC's; is an excellent bodyguard able to save you even in the worst situations.

Advantages Disadvantage
Great health No armour
Exactly like Corsairs, the slain ennemies drop Coins more commonly. Completing a mini-quest can take a lot of time.
Their only focus on your protection as explained above makes them excellent body guard. Their weapons are level-tier iron and inferior to the most of armed NPC's.
Thanks to their neutrality, they are immune to the agressivity of the most of mobs, making them easier to preserve alive. Are disturbed by Rangers and Bree-land guards and cannot be combined with Hobbit Bounders
Not far from the Shire, need no money and alignment: One the more accessible hireable NPCs of the mod.


The drop of the brutes is similar to Bandits: mostly bones and Coins, sometimes Skull Cup and rarely their Hat and/or their weapon.



  • We look after one-another. Don't we, Person?
  • Our allies are gathering in the North, hidden amongst the refugees.
  • Any word from Sharkey?
  • Any word from the Boss?
  • Keep an eye out on the road, I heard some important folks might come by soon.
  • Stay on the roads, friend. The wilderness is sprawling with those Rangers.
  • Find some comfort, keep an open ear, report what you uncover to me.
  • We ain't thugs, you hear. We are just putting our money on the future.
  • Keep your head low, and don't get caught by the guards of Bree.
  • Those Little Folk are sneaky, be sure you don't get tailed.
  • I'll be moving up to Deadmen's Dike soon.
  • Ah, Person. I see you've made it to Bree.
  • I heard the old fortress is being repurposed as a hideout, if you are in grave need.
  • Our scouts knew you were coming. You should do better to move about unnoticed.
  • Can I help you? Sorry, I don't sell pipe-weed at the moment.
  • The weather sure is sinister these days.
  • You got any new information on Baggins? The Black Riders are getting impatient.
  • I heard some of those rangers talk about a place called Fornost. I think they are onto us.


  • What are you looking at?
  • I don't think I can help you, move along.
  • Why are you looking at me funny? Can't you see I'm busy?
  • Another refugee, or are you here with a different purpose?
  • How's the rain treating you?
  • Who are you again? It's my business to know who comes and goes around Bree-land.
  • You don't look like the type I normally do business with, why are you here?
  • I see they're letting anyone inside Bree these days.
  • Move along unless you have something to tell to my face.
  • A newcomer? Interesting...


  • I'd just like a chat, come 'ere!
  • Why don't you just lie down and make this easier for both of us!
  • Look, it's nothing personal. Sharkey just wants a few words with you.
  • It's not warmongering, it's just good business.
  • You and your little friends will all soon be shackled and enslaved anyway!
  • We don't need your kind around here, Person.
  • Bandit? Oh no, I am far more refined than your average highwayman.
  • I don't need your cash, but it make for a fine bonus reward.
  • Where were you going to run? I've got friends all over Eriador!
  • Looking for the Grey Wanderer? We don't need that funny business around here.
  • Times are tough enough as it is, you need to leave!
  • You came from the Shire, didn't you? Good to know.
  • You're not a threat to our cause, Person!
  • The Boss would love to meet you, aye!


  • Anyone step out of line?
  • What's the command, Person?
  • Give me my orders and split up, we don't want to raise suspicion.
  • You tell me what to do, I'll get it done.
  • Ready to enforce some cooperation?
  • They won't even know what hit them.
  • Just give the word, I am ready.
  • We moving to the Shire anytime soon?
  • I could use a little bit more rumble and tumble, Person.
  • I'm ready to get my hands dirty, what do you need me to do?
  • Glad to have you in command, Person.
  • What are we up to today? Bullying Halflings, or intimidating the Men?
  • Tell me what to do, and you can consider it done, Person.
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