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Rugs are decorative placeable trophy items, rarely dropped by certain types of animals (check table below). When animals exist in different colours, each colour of animal has its own variant of rug.


A rug can be obtained by killing several animals of a rug-dropping kind. Dependent of the rarity of the animal, some fur colours are easier to obtain than others. For example are brown wargs the most common, so brown wargskin rugs are usually the easiest to obtain. Those are followed by grey, black, and very rarely white.

When a rug-dropping animal is killed, it has a 1 in 50 chance to drop its skin. If one wishes to get a wargskin rug, the best way is to fight a warg invasion, as they can spawn about 30-70 wargs in a short period of time.


They have basically the same skin and shape as the animal, except the rug is extremely flattened.

The table below shows, which animals drop which rugs, when the rug (not the animal) was added to the mod, the appearance of the item in the player's inventory and all the variants that exist.

Animal Update Item Variants
Bear Update 34 BearskinRugs.gif light, medium and dark brown
Giraffe Update 34 GiraffeskinRug.png only one variant
Lion Update 34 LionskinRugs.gif Lion and Lioness
Warg Public Beta 3 (added)
Public Beta 13 (new colours)
WargskinRugs.gif Ordinary: white, black, brown, grey
Utumno: ice, obsidian, and fire


  • Rugs can catch fire when they touch a fire block or get hit by a flaming arrow, so don't put them directly in front of your fireplace.
  • Although quite long included in the mod, only wargskin rugs existed for a long time. But finally, the revamping of Harad brought some new types of rugs. Now the big game hunting makes a trip to Harad much more rewarding.
  • Some people even reported that wargskin rugs growl ... But dead wargs can't growl... can they?
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