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The Ruined Dwarven Mine is a generated structure that spawns in the Grey Mountains. They are the remains of the mines that the Longbeards occupied before the Dragons and the orcs drove them out.

Orcs enjoying the power of Dwarven forge technology


The Ruined Dwarven Mine looks like the normal variant found in the Iron Hills and Erebor, but with a ruined look, namely, there's no ladder going to the bottom of the mine, various bricks/supports are missing, and there's no aboveground structure. The tunnels are also very dark, due to the lack of glowing Dwarven bricks, allowing Gundabad Orcs to spawn. Just like the normal variant, there are often lots of ores to be found in the tunnel walls, making these mines a great place to visit if you're in need of coal or other ores.


Inside the ruined mine, one might occasionally find chests containing the same kind of loot as would be found in a Dwarven mine, that is, Dwarven equipment, armour, Dwarven steel, gold, and, on very rare occasions, a mithril ingot.


Even if you've got a good sense of direction, it's often difficult to navigate these places. Remember to place torches on only one side of the tunnel when you're exploring. You might also want to bring along a chisel so that you can write on the stone.


  • When spawning a Ruined Dwarven Mine using a structure spawner (in Creative mode) only the entrance will be generated, similar to when a regular Dwarven mine is spawned in the same way.
  • Because of the lack of a ladder, getting into a ruined mine can be tricky. Using sand/gravel or water to get to the bottom of the mine is recommended.
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