Salt technically is a food item that only grants nutritional value when combined with other items. It can currently only be used to make gammon from cooked pork and suspicious meat from rotten flesh.This results in increased nutritional value for rotten flesh, but not for gammon. In both cases the saturation value is significantly increased. It is also used to make cram along with 2 wheat. As an economic commodity, salt is best kept stored in containers or blocks, as you will get a better price selling it as pure substance instead of in processed foods.

Obtaining Edit

Salt drops when mining rock salt. It can also be bought from Southron Mineral Traders. Salt can also be obtained by placing rock salt in a millstone. Finally, it can be obtained by 'smelting' rock salt in a vanilla furnace or alloy forge.

Usage Edit

Crafting Edit

Salt can be used to enrich cooked pork and rotten flesh by placing one salt and one cooked pork or rotten flesh in a vanilla crafting table.

Storage Edit

It can be stored in stacks of up to 64 units in any container, or placed in blocks. Blocks of salt can be crafted from 9 salt items on a vanilla crafting table.

Destruction Edit

One can also use salt to ruin fields, as ancient civilisations did in offensive sieges. Right-clicking a block while holding salt will cause most blocks within a small radius to be 'salted'. Grass and farmland become barren dirt, while jungle grass and mud farmland become mud. Any crops planted on the farmland will be uprooted. Of course, as with all block interactions, salting the earth is prevented by banner protection.

Trading Edit

Salt can be sold to various traders at a very decent average price of 12 (1coinX2coinI). As it is a rather common resource, this makes salt a handy source of income.
It can be sold to:

As mentioned above, it can also be bought from Southron Mineral Traders at an average price of 18 (1coinX8coinI).

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