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Seb is one of the best-known moderators of the Facebook page. He is also known for creating the "LOTR Minecraft Builds" Facebook page.

Seb's Minecraft Username is "minerofjustice", and on the wiki he is known as "Seb TheDunlending", although he is not very active on this wiki.

Among other things, Seb has created polls regarding what players want added to the mod most of all, for example what kind of Harad Content they wanted (leading to Mevans making Harad Villages) and whether or not the factions within Harad should be neutral with one another or not.

It is rumoured that he and Goran are a pair, though citation is needed.

~Seb is also a Admin on the Official server, only recently though, as, being that he is confused by the simplest functions of a computer, it took him over 3 months to figure out that maybe he should update his OpenGL Drivers.

Tidbits to sate your curiosity:

- Seb lives relatively close to Mevans, and is one of the few Moderators to be from the same country as Mevans.

-He was the original moderator to be chosen by Mevans, following either the 1 year anniversary or 3000 likes.

-He has since then ascended to the role of Editor, and infrequently posts Mod related things, such as polls.

-He discovered he was a fool after 3 months of No minecraft, only to find out he could upgrade his OpenGL, he is a happy man now.

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