A Third Age: Rise of War Edit

Welcome to A Third Age: Rise of War! This is a server that runs the Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod. Our server is aimed for the fun of players, beautiful buildings (both lore and your own ideas, concerning the variety of builds that are not described by Tolkien), and epic wars/quests. Our lore is strictly LOTR lore, with some exceptions. As the title says, this server focuses on faction politics and war.

Server Team Edit

Owner: Nick/𝖕𝖑𝖚𝖒 𝖕𝖚𝖉𝖉𝖎𝖓/SaxonSavage/Aragorn A nice dutch guy who is an absolute freak in history

Admin Mayalana/Arwen Without her our server would be sexist for not allowing women in the staff! Ask her your questions, she is very helpful

Admin Niclas/bluenic02/Timur Khan The German Meister of Blitzkrieg and Politics

Quest master Arthur/Therowulf/Terrorwolf/Théoden The creative mind who brings new entertaining quests

Rules Edit

The main server rule section is divided into 3 categories: Server rules, social rules and game play rules.


Server rules: The main rules of the server of whom most are obvious.

1-Don't use hacks or advantageous mods (council the staff if you want to use multiplayer mods)

2-Respect the staff (if you disagree with their decision, go to the help section on discord)

3-Other dimensions but Middle-Earth are banned

4-Keep your map location always on (ask permission to turn it off)

5-Don't build or modify land near way points or roads

6-Don't build ugly or poor builds in general, make it look nice

7-Rule 6 also counts for terrain

8-Try to limit changing roles, people can't work with you if you keep changing

9-If you find mistakes or errors, tell the staff

10-You cannot change roles after obtaining one with a 2 months cool down

11-If you change factions, your belongings return to players of that faction/the ruler

Builder rules:

12-Only build what you are told to build

13-Creative is meant for your building time only, game play is in single player

14-Make it completely fit the lore, and if available, the movie shots


Social rules: The rules concerning your overall behaviour on the server.

1-Foreign languages are allowed unless someone asks you to use English

2-Know the difference between playing around and being serious

3-Don't spam

4-Swearing and questionable jokes are fine unless someone asks you to stop

5-Don't disturb people during a quest or event

6-Try not to take everything personal

7-Try to limit your questions to staff, only ask them for stuff 

  you actually need them for, not to do your chores


Game play rules: The rules that see to it that you play realistic 

                and to make it more fun for both you and your counterparts

1-Behave like your role is meant to behave

2-If you own land, take care of it properly

3-If you have a superior, follow his orders if that fits your role

4-Don't raid from friendly NPC's, raid enemy lands instead

5-Don't kill NPC's near way points

6-Your role play gear will stay unmodified, you are held responsible

7-Only mine and farm in your own territory, this improves trade with others

8-Only use units from your region, ask staff and that faction's ruler permission to use others

9-Don't tp players to regions they haven't been to yet, this improves travelling

10-If you find a server-made mini-quest, notify the quest master 

  so he can reset it once you finished

11- Don't make a way point near a player base without their consent

12- Don't randomly kill players, share bounties with targets or afk killing

13- Don't raid players unless the war-rules permit it. 


Thank you for reading the rules, free kebab for everyone that reports a mistake on the server (don't report Twan)


Because the server will have a fresh restart all buildings will have to be rebuild. However, so far a couple of builds have been completed, small ones will be included until we have like dozens of them:


-Beorn's Halls, Old Ford, Carrock

-Southern Downs (Dúnedain village with ruins), Sarn Ford

-Helm's Deep

Around 10 builds are being worked on now and should be finished within a month.

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