Age of Sauron is a minecraft LOTR mod server based on roleplaying, survival and pvp in battles. Server opened 16.09.2017 and reseted (map, items etc) 02.09.2018. We are in the Third Age so there are factions like Erebor. We also have Game of thrones factions for the fans. Discord:


General rulesEdit

- Prices for a merchant/Captains : 400 coins each
- No bad/offensive/racist language in main chat
- Talk in English in the main chat.
- Respect the staff and don’t Harass them
- Looting unclaimed buildings is not allowed.
- Bullying other players is bannable.
- Do not spam the chat or talk in caps.
- Every form of hacking (unfair advantage to other players) is bannable
- Units/Troops are allowed in sieges
- Spawn killing is not allowed but it’s not spawn killing if the new spawned attacks the attacker)
- Building in a range of 200 blocks from a base is illegal
- Using loopholes/glitches or using a horse to glitch is bannable
- After a tpa you must wait 30 secs before attacking.
- Tpa traps are not allowed.
- Non Lotr mod potions/drinks are not allowed

Leadership rulesEdit

- 1-Farm
- 1-Stables (10x10)
- 800+ Alignment need for the Faction
- 2- Followers (And Leader)
- 3- Liveable furnitured houses
- 1-Barracks for the unit
- You have to speak English
- It has to be pretty and have to be approved by an admin or owner

Unit rulesEdit

- No more than 40 units a player:
- Mythicals have +10 units
- Only 2 Trolls allowed
- Units are allowed in sieges
- Units are allowed in Hunt but Only 10 units

Hunt rulesEdit

- Do not PvP log or hunt log.
- No teleporting and fast traveling allowed while hunt
- You can’t kill each theirs entities (except troops in sieges/wars/hunts(if they attack u).)

Civil warEdit

If you have a All Rights(Without Players) to throne and the Faction have already a King you can start a rebel against him/Her

Factions Edit

Good Edit

Erebor Rivendell Gondor
Durin’s Folk Lindon Rohan
Blue Mountains Woodland Realm Arnor
Grey Mountains Lothlorien Dale
Red Mountains Avari Elves Tauredain
Iron Hills Dorwinion Men of Dorwinion

Evil Edit

Harad Mordor
Umbar Angmar
Dundelings Isengard
Moredain Gundabad
Variags of Khand Dol Guldur
Black Numenórean Half-Trolls
Minas Morgual
Black Uruks

Game Of Thrones/Miscellaneous Edit

Game Of Thrones
Reach Merchant
Vale Mercenary
Island of Dragonstone
The North
Night’s Watch
Golden Empire of Yi Ti
Free Cities(Pentos, Braavos, Volantis)


'Owner : MaciejMMMMM'Co-Owner: clop_PL

Head-Admin : groenmoetjedoen_  (Polyo)
Admin : Jacobeq
Moderator : Auke123, Teunweb(Bodo) and NocturnalDracula
Helper: Magikshard(Nakras) and Oscar

Builder :Walt Stark, Chewbacca, Maxmax, bun, Shqdows and sunrise7

About the server/historyEdit

Before creating of Age of Sauron (16.09.2017) there was the Age of Conquest server. Today's owner - MaciejMMMMM was Head-Admin there. But AoC was closed and soon after that Age of Sauron was created! First months were very good for the server. We had lots of players. Last months were good 9-17 players on the server! But we are still growing up ! Come and play now! Be sure to join the discord! (235 users) (go up for link)

61137-Sauron-The Lord of the Rings


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