Age of Sauron is a server based on roleplaying, building, diplomacy, survival and pvp in battles and sieges. Our Server opened 16.09.2017, and resets about once every year. The server is set within the middle to late third age. We hold a very welcoming community and our main focus is to ensure that everyone in our community enjoys our server. No matter if you enjoy activities such as building, PvP, roleplay there will always be a place for you in Age of Sauron. We use the newest version of the mod, and have many practical features like keepinventory, tpa, short fast travel cooldown and starter kit.

If you are planning to play on the server be sure to join the discord:


This may also be found in our Discord server.

Mini-games Edit

We also hold a mini-game lobby. In this lobby, there is a vast selection of mini-games the community may play together, or alone, depending on the game.

Our Game Selection

  • PvP Arena (alone with friends)
  • Hosted Team PvP (staff supervision)
  • Siege of Minas Tirith (hosted by staff)
  • Spleef
  • Bow Spleef
  • Parkour

Our mini-games were all made by our Head-Administrator PEPCOOL, and Administrator Nakras, and are always planning to add more.

Factions Edit

Good Edit

The "1" Represents a faction which holds no leader, the "2" represents a faction which has a leader.

Mercenaries - Mercenaries may form Companies, which are nations which may claim a province which has no faction currently in it, and may not declare wars, only assist other nations in war, for a sum of money of course..

Merchants - Merchants are players who seek no war or violence, and may live anywhere in middle-earth as they please. They cannot be attacked, or attack other nations. Merchants may also form Trading Companies to become very wealthy.

Erebor-2 Rivendell-1 Gondor- 1 Dorwinion-1
The Blue Mountains-2 Woodland Realm-1 Dunedain of the North-2 Hobbits-1
The Grey Mountains-1 Lothlorien-1 Dale-1
The Red Mountains-1 Avari Elves-1 Taurethrim-1
The Iron Hills-2 Lindon-1 Rohan-2

Evil Edit

Coast Southrons-1 Mordor-1
Umbar-2 Angmar-1
Dunland-1 Isengard-1
Morwaith-1 Gundabad-1
Variags of Khand-1 Dol Guldur-1
Gulflings-1 Half-Trolls-1
Harad Nomads-1

Miscellaneous Edit

Neutral Custom Factions
Merchant-1 The Harnedoran Empire-2


Owner : MaciejMMMMM
Co-Owner: clop_PL
Hand of the owner (Head Admin): PEPCOOL
Admin : Nakras
Moderator : Nemu
Helper: Kippenswag_, Agent_OY
Head Builder : Finweg

About the server/historyEdit

Before the creation of this server, known as "Age of Sauron" (16.09.2017) there was a server known as "Age of Conquest" Which our Owner, MaciejMMMMM played on previously, which inspired him to create our server, which is here today. Owner - MaciejMMMMM was the Head-Admin of "Age of Conquest". "Age of Conquest" was closed due to technical issues and the staff team. Due to the unfortunate closing of "Age of Conquest", MaciejMMMMM, with some of the former staff, decided to open our server, "Age of Sauron". We still stand here today, our tightly knit community is quite extraordinary, and is always willing to lend a hand to one another on a daily basis. As we continue to grow and prosper, we hope to one day see you here, among our great community.

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