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Welcome visitor to our official wiki page.

AncarCraft is the first Sardinian Server which runs the Lord Of The Ring Mod! Open since 2015, our server focuses on presenting you the immense content of the LOTR Mod. We wish to give you an awesome gameplay with a number of Plugins to enrich the gameplay experience. We are one of the few servers (or probably the only one) which run McMMO with LOTR-items added. The server also has crates, custom items, player auctions and various features which improve the player's gameplay drastically.

The server's lore is based on the custom history of our playerbase. For 5 years we advanced through an alternative 4th age in which, Sauron didn't fall after the war of the ring, Saruman was also still alive and Middle-earth continued a status of alternate peace and war (you can check some of them on our wiki or by clicking here). Changes like these are made in order to make the gameplay experience better. Currently, since 16/07/2020 Ancar is in the middle of the 5th Age; a direct consequence of our unique roleplay history.

Sharpen your swords and axes, tighten your armour and venture out to conquer Middle-earth by defeating the hordes of enemies which await you; orcs, trolls, humans, elves and other players!

Choose the Race of your character (Human, Elf, Orc, Troll or Dwarf) and decide which Faction (Kingdom) earns your Character's Loyalty!

Server IP address:

We are anxious for a commemorable Adventure with Roleplay, War and so on!

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The following list of photos might contain a part of server-structures which have been deleted and are in progress of substitution. Although the majority of them, can be already seen in-game.

Kingdoms (Factions)[]


You can click on the faction for more information about it on our Wiki

Human Factions Current Ruler
Rohan tehinator
Gondor Mati_429
Northern Dúnedain T3lchar
Dale N/A
Dunland N/A
Dorwinion N/A
Taurethrim N/A
Morwaith N/A
Rhûdel bluekiller87
Wainriders Willow15
Umbar TheBetaOwl
Artheloth HagenOfBohemia
Hobbit Factions Current Ruler
Shire N/A
Elven Factions Current Ruler
Lindon Gweithir
Wood Elves Tarmackhippo
Lothlórien Okje
Avari Elves Lelogas
Rivendell Ninless
Dwarven Factions Current Ruler
Durin's Folk Tranun
Blue Dwarves N/A
Red Dwarves N/A
Orcish Factions Current Ruler
Mordor CeryusBusiness
Dol Guldur N/A
Gundabad Sup3rDuck
Isengard Onionboy1101
Angmar N/A
Half-Trolls N/A
Sub Factions Current Ruler Faction Items
Beornings N/A Dale
Gulfings N/A Near Harad

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