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AncarCraft: The Fourth Age is the first Italian Server which runs the Lord Of The Ring Mod! Our server focuses on presenting you the immense content of the LOTR Mod. We wish to give you an awesome gameplay with a number of Plugins to enrich the gameplay experience. We are one of the few servers (or probably the only one) which run McMMO with LOTR-items added. The server also has crates, custom items, and player auctions which improve the player's gameplay drastically.

The timeline of our server begins during The Fourth Age, after the death of Eldarion, with some custom changes to it. For example, on our server Sauron didn't fall after the war of the ring. Saruman is also still alive and Middle-earth continues a status of alternate peace and war. Changes like these are made in order to make the gameplay experience better.

Sharpen your Swords, Battleaxes and other weapons, arrange your Armour and venture out to conquer Middle-earth by defeating Hordes of Orcs, Elves, Hobbits, Trees and much more!

Choose the Race of your character (Human, Elf, Orc, Troll or Dwarf) and decide which Faction (Kingdom) earns your Character's Loyalty!

Server IP:

We are anxious for a com-memorable Adventure with Roleplay, War and so on!

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Kingdoms (Factions) Edit

Human Factions Current Ruler
Rohan Elfwine (Fvaltrock)
Gondor Hexperim
Northern Dúnedain Sirmatte_
Dale Mastermariner
Dunland N/A
Dorwinion PhoenixDood
Taurethrim N/A
Morwaith N/A
Lossoth Lorian (AaronFG)
Rhûdel Altan (AlmightyNilsje)
Wainriders titano03
Coastal Southrons N/A
Umbar Arannel (MarsonX)
Artheloth SargonDG
Hobbit Factions Current Ruler
Shire N/A
Elven Factions Current Ruler
High Elves Alexandil
Wood Elves Legolas (CeryusBusiness)
Lothlórien Celeborn (Giacobrick)
Avari Elves N/A
Rivendell Glorfindel (MainTeemoTank)
Dwarven Factions Current Ruler
Durin's Folk Frerin (HOSTIS)
Blue Dwarves Kholl
Red Dwarves OdinHaddock
Orcish Factions Current Ruler
Mordor Sauron (hyperkillerTv)
Dol Guldur RamboG13
Gundabad TheBigDoc22
Isengard LegalHits
Angmar Arphazel (akalii)
Half-Trolls Emerald_Minestar
Sub Factions Current Ruler Faction Items
Beornings N/A Dale
Woodmen N/A Dale
Nomads of Near Harad N/A Harad
Gulfings N/A Harad
Harnedhrim N/A Harad

Works Built: Edit

Here the complete list of all the structures inside our giant server. All of these structures are already built and recognized (Cities or Forts).

Durin's Folk Edit

  • Khazad-dûm: City (Misty Mountains, Very large)
  • Dain's Halls: City (Grey Mountains)
  • Scatha's Lair Fortress: City (Grey Mountains)
  • Erebor: City
  • Azanulimbar-dúm: City (Iron Hills)
  • Basar-dúm City (Iron Hills)
  • Gimli's Halls: City (Iron Hills)
  • Glittering Caves: Fort (White Mountains)
  • Zirak-Dûm: City
  • Ered Dûm: City (Grey Mountains)
  • Thora: City (Dimrill Dale)
  • Stonewatch: Fort (Prov 406)
  • Saint Antoine: Fort
  • Thoron: Fort

Dale Edit

2018-10-03 20.31.44
  • Dale: City
  • Lake Town/Esgaroth: City
  • Winterfell: City
  • Last Watch: Fort
  • Ankorien Poltzen: City
  • Fort Mac Coghadhainn: Fort
  • Fort Stahndale: Fort

Silvan Elves Edit

  • Thranduil Halls: City
  • Molol's Halls: City
  • Caras Abonnen: City
  • Mincelon: City
  • Salogel: City

Lothlorien Edit

  • Cerin Amroth: City
  • Caras Galadhon: City
  • Viridian: City
Grey Havens AncarCraft TheFourthAge Server

High Elves Edit

  • Ost-In-Edhil: City (Eregion)
  • Elostirion: Fort (Tower Hills)
  • Grey Havens: City
  • Ilyath Elunor: City
  • Forlond: City

Rivendell Edit

  • Imladris: City
Minas Tirith AncarCraft TheFourthAge Server

Gondor Edit

  • Eilenach: City
  • Amon-Dìn: City
  • Osgiliath: City
  • Minas Tirith: City
  • Lond Daer: City
  • Summerfell: City
  • Steadwick: City
  • Minas Brethil: City
  • Minas Polaris: City
  • Halifirien Border Fortress: Fort
  • Minas Sernis: City
  • Poros: City
  • Dorhan: Fort

Northern Dúnedain/Rangers of the North Edit

  • Annúminas: City
  • Fornost: City
  • Bree: City
  • Tharbad: City
  • Weathertop: Fort
  • Tarsis: City
  • Fennas Druinin: Fort

Rohan Edit

  • Thunder Peak: Fort
  • Edoras: City
  • Helm's Deep: City
  • Dunharrow (Camp): City
  • Dunharrow: (City of the Dead): City
  • Aldburg: City
  • Foldburg: Castle

Mordor Edit

  • Morannon: Lore Wall
  • Khorok Bay: City

Blue Dwarves Edit

  • Belegost: Fort
  • Nogrod: City
  • Azaghal Dûm: City
  • Luin Dûm: City
  • Fili Dûm: Fort
  • Thorin's Halls: Fort
  • Gathol Tumun: City

Gundabad Edit

  • Mount Gundabad: City
  • Felltops: City
  • Narg Rhakas: City

Isengard Edit

  • Orthanc: Lore Tower
  • Fort Angbor: Fort

Angmar Edit

  • Carn Dûm: City
  • Ghâsh Lug: City
  • Burz Kala: Fort
  • Icausan Kodar: Fort
  • Durotar: Fort

Dol Guldur Edit

  • Dol Guldur Fortress: Lore Fort

Rhúdel Edit

  • Khamul's Tower: Lore Tower
  • Belrhuk: Lore City (65%)
  • Almadinas: City
  • Amrunaur: City
  • Kushaat: City
  • Mistrand/Rhûnost: Lore City (10%)

Wainriders Edit

  • Balcaras: City

Dunland Edit

  • Thornheart: City
  • Dungaloth: City
  • Dunhold:City
  • Great Northern Fort: Fort
  • Dwarrow's Castle:Fort

Dorwinion Edit

  • Fillias: City
  • Celestanor: City
  • Golden Ford: City

Avari Edit

  • Othrond Amandil: City

Shire Edit

  • Hobbiton: City
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