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Welcome to Anthem of Eru! This survival server features the wonderful Lord of the Rings mod created by Mevans, along with Custom NPCs and Cuchaz Ships. The server was founded by Bonge_Spob and Butterlord24. To quote, "We invite all players who love the lore and those who aren't as knowledgeable of it". 

The server's timeline begins the year after the Battle of the Five Armies, meaning that Sauron has left Dol Guldur, returning to Mordor, and Erebor has been reclaimed. Bilbo Baggins currently carries the One Ring, and Saruman the White is still virtuous - yet he is secretly becoming envious of the Ring). 

  The server has Eregion Smiths for the creation of Minor Rings of Power and other powerful tools! The Eregion Smiths makes a great way for players to load up their arsenals with powerful gear. For more detailed information on the Eregion Smiths, please comment or ask a question on the discord!

  The rules are detailed in this Google Doc. The server features "Merchant Builds" which allow players to have merchants for special blocks. The server also has Wars, Colonization, "Reforming" Kingdoms, and Lordships. For any questions, please reference the Rules Document, or join the discord below.

A link to the server's mod pack can be found here: Modpack

Our discord can be found here: Discord

New Features[]

In the recent overhaul of the server, the following additions were made:

  • A Player Arena where Events will be held and players can fight.
  • A new PvE Zone, the Naga Arena, to challenge players with Custom NPC enemies and offers a new alternative to gather powerful gear and materials to use for the Eregion Smiths!
  • A brand new Spawn!
  • Warps using /warp.
  • The Eregion Smiths were updated and improved!

Staff Team[]

Rank IGN


Staff Manager FavoriteGinger
Admin Saselke
Helper 0rthodox (Hugs)

Faction Lists[]

Roleplay Factions[]

Wizards Members The White Council Members The Black Council Members
The White Wizard None Head of the Council None Head of the Council None
The Grey Wizard None Member None Member None
Brown Wizard None Member None Member None
Blue Wizards None Member None Member None

Factions and Subfactions[]

Factions Subfactions Leader Lords Members
Hobbits of the Shire Shirriffs



None None 0
Men and Hobbits of Bree Bree Rangers

Bree Hobbits

Bree Middlemen

None None 0
Dúnedain Rangers Fornost Outpost

South Shire Outpost

Amon Sûl Outpost

None None 0
Dwarves of the Blue Mountains Broadbeams


None None 0
Lossoth of Forodwaith None None None 0
Elves of Lindon Sindar



None None 0
Elves of Rivendell None None None 0
Orcs of the Mountains Orcs of the Grey Mountains

Snow-Orcs of Gundabad

Goblins of Goblin-Town

Orcs of Moria

None None 0
Remnants of Angmar Men of Rhudar

Orcs of Angmar

None None 0
Elves of Mirkwood Silvan


Mirkwood Scouts

None None 0
Spawn of Dol Guldur None None None 0
Kingdom of Dale Men of Esgaroth

Men of Dale

None None 0
Dwarves of Durin's Folk Dwarves of Erebor

Dwarves of the Iron Hills

None None 0
Elves of Lothlórien Silvan Elves of Lothlórien

Sindar Elves of Lothlórien

Wardens of Lothlórien

None None 0
Men of Dunland None None None 0
Realm of Isengard Men of Isengard

Uruks of Isengard

Snaga of Isengard

None None 0
Riders of Rohan Shieldmaidens of Rohan

Riders of Éomer

None None 0
Roaming Dúnedain Grey Company None None 0
Dúnedain of Gondor Dúnedain of Dol Amroth

Men of Lebennin

Marines of Pelargir

Clansmen Lamedon

Men of the Blackroot Vale

Men of Anfalas

Men of Pinnath Gelin

Men of Lossarnach

Men of Arnorien

Rangers of Ithilien

Swan Knights of Dol Amroth

The Tower Guard of Gondor

The Axemen of Lossarnach

None None 0
Legions of Mordor Black Númenóreans

Black Uruks

Orcs of Mordor

Orcs of Núrn

Orcs of the Morgul Vale

None None 0
Realm of Dorwinion Men of Dorwinion

Avari of Dorwinion

Warriors of Bladorthin

Vintner Guard

None None 0
Kingdom of Rhúdel Clansmen of the Steppes

Golden Easterlings of Rhúdel

Men of Rhúdel

None None 0
The Avari The Kindi Tribe

The Cuind Tribe

The Hwenti Tribe

The Windan Tribe

The Kinn-lai Tribe

The Penni Tribe

None None 0
Dwarves of the Orocarni Ironfists




None None 0
The Havens of Umbar Men of Umbar

Coast Southrons

Corsairs of Umbar

The Serpent Guard

None None 0
Gulfings of Khopazûl None None None 0
Nomads of the Desert None None None 0
Morwaith of the Plains None None None 0
Taurethrim of the Jungle None None None 0
Half Trolls of the Pertorogwaith None None None 0


The Timeless Halls, Built by Butterlord24

The Halls of Khazad-Dúm, Built by FavoriteGinger

Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel's Estate, Built by Butterlord24

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