Arda's Legends is a LOTR server based on survival gameplay, war&conquest, roleplay and custom lore.

We also use several plugins such as world guard, chairPlugin (LOTR compatible) and Essentials. We have some plugins created by Anedhel and Jukoz; Arda's Legend Plugin which includes /hunt functionalities, allowing players to make organized hunts on other players ! There is a DeathChest plugin which stores players inventories, upon their death, in a skull on a fence.

For wars, we have a complete full-war system introducing expansion-conquests, civil wars, army system (creation, units, army movements in the Middle Earth), diplomacy (kings, lords), siege equipment (siege towers, rams, ladders).

Then, we have a roleplay system, allowing players to play as a role from Middle-Earth or, they can make a custom character. In some cases, the player can use special weapons (like Nazgûls can use morgul blade/armour in wars).

Finally, we have a claimbuild system, allowing players to claim lands with their builds and gain monthly resources as well as armies!



Staff Members:

  • nodas1995 (Owner)
  • Anedhel (Dev)
  • Jukoz (Dev)
  • jvanhierden (Admin)
  • MCWelles (Admin)
  • glupe1 (Admin)
  • Pokerino (Mod)
  • bakbar (Mod)
  • TutsMaNix (Mod)
  • HuskerKid (Mod)

Servers running the LotR Mod
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Official Server

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