Arda's Legends is a LOTR server based on survival gameplay, roleplay and custome lore. Starting time on the server is Third Age 2510 when the Rohirrim, former known as Éothéod, settle in former Calenardhon, known as Rohan. Our goal and intent is to allow players be able to create their own stories, or their own personal legends, as the name of the server says...


Staff Members:

  • Nodas (Owner)
  • Anedhel (Owner)
  • Arafinwë (Owner)
  • Destinarius (Head-Builder and Event Staff)
  • Rasmusinity (Head-Dev)

Rules Edit

General Rules Edit

  1. No griefing
  2. No stealing
  3. No hacks or cheating clients
  4. No insulting or thoughtfully hurting someone
  5. Respect everyone
  6. Map Location has to be on
  7. During PvE a player is allowed to use any armor and gear
  8. During normal PvP a player is allowed to use any gear except Mithril weapons, Gondolinian Sword or Mallorn Mace
  9. During Event PvP the normal PvP rules apply, unless the Event Staff gives other directives
  10. During Role Play Combat a player may use race bound armor of allied factions and his own (as Elf only Elven armor, as Orc Orc armor etc.) and all allied weapons
  11. Staff has the final word

PvP Rules Edit

  1. PvP in someone his base/town is only allowed during events or by mutual agreement
  2. The silencian town is a safe zone
  3. Unclaimed regions are open for PvP and hunts
  4. Hunts may be declared, if the hunted is outside a safe zone
  5. Hunt ends if the hunted enters a region claimed by his faction, the hunter or the hunted dies
  6. During a hunt teleportation and fast travel is not allowed
  7. The hunted may use gear he has with him, however, the hunter has to stick to the gear according to rules
  8. Unbannered builds are open to plundering. During a plunder PvP may happen. Owner of the building is responsible for not protecting his build
  9. Pvp during events is allowed only if the Event Staff gives permission for PvP

General War Rules Edit

  1. A war can be declared by a faction ruler only. When a war is declared, the 'defending' side will first be notified and give time to prepair their defensives, escapes or negotiate surrenders
  2. Towns and strongholds can only be captured by approved and succesfull siege. All defenders must be defeated. Unless they flee/surrender. Same goes for the attackers
  3. When a siege or raid is announced the defenders should make sure their valuables are gone from that place before the battle starts. Once the place is captured the recources inside that build are captured aswell. (This only applies to claimbuilds for regions and not for private bannered storages)
  4. After siege the claimbuild is taken over. After raid the claimbuild loses the claim status. In order to regain claim status for that build you need to contact staff
  5. If a faction annihilates another faction they have 2 options: They claim the biome and the players of the losing side can stay their faction and become part of the victors empire, or the losers become refugees, who need to roleplay themselves to new lands where the faction could rise again. The options will be discussed between the victors and losers with staff guidance.
  6. Wars will be fought over regions. If a region is taken, that war is over. (If a war between Mordor and Gondor occurs in Ithillien, all settlements in Ithillien must be captured in order to get the region). Defenders may retreat to their other regions when they are defeated. If invaders want to claim more regions, they must declare wars for it.

Civil War Rules Edit

  1. You must have 3 or more followers from your own faction to start a rebellion against the current ruler. By declaring a rebellion or uprising, the rebel leader will be the rebelling factions king
  2. In order to rebel you need to have a claimbuild that is not the capital
  3. Civil war has the same rules as a regular war, but no help from allied nations may come
  4. The rebeling side will use the faction's enemy alignment during the civil war, however the alignment of their main faction and that of their supporting allies (they may not interfere in the fight but may say they support them beforhand) will be noted to be reset after the civil war
  5. In order to win as rebeled side, all of the nation's main lands should be claimed
  6. Annexed factions belong to the empire and may support either Leader or Rebels in the fights

Siege and Raid Rules Edit

  1. Siege is an attack on a claimbuild with the intention to capture this build and gain control over a region
  2. Raid is an attack on a claimbuild with the intention to claim its recources and to remove its claiming status - the build can no longer be used for defense of a region until it's repaired or paid off
  3. During the siege, certain siege weapons can be build with local recources before the battle starts. Think about rams and siege towers. Staff will put them in place during the actual siege, locations can be discussed between staff and attackers. Siege weapons cannot be used during the raid
  4. During the siege, one siege weapon can be used at all times. More siege weapons require 5 players per siege weapon
  5. TNT or Orc bombs may be used on battering rams to break through gates. Only a small orc bomb is allowed
  6. During the siege a player has 10 unit tokens. Infantry take up one token, cavalry 2, and creatures (trolls and ents) 3
  7. Only faction units may be hired yet they can be equipped with modified race-bound gear
  8. The siege or raid is won if either the attacking, or defending side, is annihilated. Either by killing all the players, fleeing or by surrendering.

Expansion Rules Edit

  1. A town or stronghold must be made in neutral lands in order to claim that desired region. Staff must approve it to get the region claimed
  2. If two nations hostile to one another aim to claim the same region, that area will become contested and will belong to no one until an agreement is made or a victor emerges from a declared war
  3. If two allied nations aim to claim the same region, the area will be split up between the two factions according to the deal that had been made. If no deal can be made, the region becomes contested and expansion rule 2 comes in its place
  4. If the settlers who go to the new region go through other empires, they must strike a deal to pass through or fight a battle to break through. (Durins folk cannot reach Moria without approval from the Wood-Elves, Rohan/Isengard/Dunland or Dol Guldur)
  5. More towns and strongholds will give a nation stronger foothold in a region. (More builds means more places that must be captured)
  6. The Silencian Town in Fields of Celebrant cannot be captured nor expand its lands. Fields of Celebrant itself can be taken, however the town stays independent
  7. The map will contain other places beyond Middle-Earth, those cannot be claimed in any case unless the creator wants it to be claimable
  8. We use no timeframe for a settler to reach its destination, though some nice RP would be appreciated
  9. Lore build can be claimed privately by the faction leader, if the lore build belongs to his faction in official lore, and thus decides who visits and who not. However, if a nation becomes abandoned or the lore build is no longer in a claimed area, then the build will be staff bannered based upon faction alignment so it can be explored by everyone who have enough alignment to enter in

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