Avalon: LOTR server is a new lord of the rings modded server.

**Check out our grand opening building contest**

It opened January 14, 2018, and is run by the professional management of the NavalClash Network. As the NavalClash network has a fairly large playerbase, for a new server Avalon already has a substantial and growing population.

The server runs 24/7, with great specs, 16GB RAM, gigabyte connection and threadripper processors.

We strive to keep the network as close to the intended gameplay of the mod as possible - the only mod this server uses is the LOTR mod. (As well as fastcraft, but that's optional clientside.)

We use the mod's built-in respawning system, 30 minute fast-travel times (that gradually decrease the more you use them), and there are no "official faction leaders".

The rules are classics - No hacking, spamming, advertising, excessive swearing or excessive griefing. Raiding, wars, invasions, and battles are all allowed, so make sure you use a banner. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have, whether you are new to the mod or not.

Stay tuned to this page to keep up with the latest server events, news, pictures and videos.

Connect to the server with the latest version of the LOTR Mod. (Currently Public Beta 33.4)




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Official Server

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