Server HistoryEdit

Mae Govannen!

Welcome to the server page for Battle of Middle Earth 2, we here hope you enjoy the server as it has much to offer.

In this server we encourage survival play with factions and custom ones, with a big focus on diplomacy and wars. We have a skilled team of staff and builders, but we're open for new players to apply to the latter.

This server was born out of a server long gone known as the "Battle for Middle-Earth" server. It went under in October 2018, but some of the more dedicated players came together to keep the spirit of the server alive through a new server known as "The Old Days." After a few map resets, bug related setbacks, and other problems, we had to do a full reset of the server. All of the progress of the rules and history of the server were saved thankfully. We decided to keep up the joke, and named it "The Older Days." We experienced the same issue in around three weeks, rinse and repeat, and we arrived to "The Ancient Days." After a major reset and a new restyle, we decided to go public once more with this server, "Horns of War". Then after several abuses from the old owner, the staff team rebelled, and overthrew him. That's the story of how BFME II was born.

Server Staff Edit

Name Role
maropulj Owner
JHC1236 Server Developer
mancuk1972 Admin
Alphros Admin
HubertMungus Moderator
Boromir_Elendil Moderator
Lifa2116 Head Builder (Admin)
Ληησ789 Builder
Tnt420 Builder
zarkanik Builder
TheArcReactor Builder
mcathew Trial Builder

Server Rules Edit

All of our rules are on the discord server, but just in case you are not in the discord here are all of the server's rules:

General Rules

Discord Edit

You are welcome to join the discord server, as many diplomatic actions and important discussions will be done there, but also to just chill with some friendly people. Just remember to be nice and don't break any rules.


Battles and Wars Edit

Name of War Belligerents Battles Victor Description
The War of the High Pass Rangers of Eriador vs Dwarves of Durin Battle of the High Pass Dwarves of Durin March 15th 2020

Following the Dwarven blockade of the High Pass, the rising kingdom of rangers that is starting to look more and more like Arnor declared war on the Dwarves, and marched on the High Pass. At first, as the rangers had superior equipment the dwarves were on the losing side, but as the battle continued the dwarven army managed to split the rangers between the barricades, managing to make the Ranger's King flee and slaughtering the remaning army. The victory however was bitter, as almost all the dwarven warriors were killed. In the sieging place the king decided to build a statue to commemorate the mighty battle.

Factions and Leaders Edit

Faction Leader
Witch-Realm of Angmar
Angmar Banner
Kingdom of Gondor
Gondor Banner
King Eldacar (Alphros)
Hobbits of Shire
Hobbit Banner
Dúnedain of Eriador
Ranger Banner
Aragron son of Arathorn (maropulj)
High-Elves of Lindon
High Elf Banner
Falladan (zarkanik)
High-Elves of Imladris
Rivendell Banner
Reclaimers of Eregion
High Elf Banner
Galadhrim of Lothlórien
Galadhrim Banner
Falladan (zarkanik)
Silvan Elves of the Woodland Realm
Wood-Elf Banner
Kingdom of Dale
Dale Banner
Dwarves of Durin's Folk
Dwarf Banner
Thorin III Stonehelm (Lifa2116)
Dwarves of Orocarin
Dwarf Banner
Dwarves of the Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains Banner
Avari and Northmen of Dorwinion
Dorwinion Banner
Eorlingas of Rohan
Rohan Banner
Theoden of Rohan (Liam2662)
Orcs of Mordor
Mordor Banner
The Khanyîn Empire (Rhûdel)
Easterling Banner
Khâmul (AnnoMinecraft789)
Empire of Arahâr (Umbar)
Umbar Banner
The Coastlings of Near Harad
Near Harad Banner
Gulflings of Khozapul
Gulf of Harad Banner
Near Harad Nomads
Southron Nomads Banner
Taurethrim of the Jungle
Tauredain Banner
Morwaith of the Grasslands
Moredain Banner
Half-Trolls of Pertorogwaith
Half-troll Banner
Hosts of Gundabad
Gundabad Banner
Battalions of Isengard
Uruk Banner
Regiments of Dol Guldur
Dol Guldur Banner
Wildmen of Dunland
Dunland Banner
Ranger Banner
Kingdom of the Adornland
Dunland Banner

Lore Builds and Cities: Edit

  • On the server, we've got a growing number of lore builds. Below, you'll find some samples of them.
  1. 2019-06-08 13.57.49
    Erebor, the Lonely Mountain, built by Lifa2116
  2. 2020-03-22 23.07.14
    West Peak: The Halls of Dain II, built by Lifa2116
  3. 2019-10-07 21.26.16
    Valkenburg: Capital of the Dúnedain of Valkenburg, built by Black Templar
  4. 2020-03-12 14.16.29
    Aman: Isle of The Valar, built by Butterlord24
  5. 2020-03-12 14.43.47
    Tol Eressea: Isle of the Teleri Elves, built by Butterlord24
  6. 2020-03-28 12.07.37
    Orthanc: Tower of Saruman, built by Arcen101 and TheArcReactor
  7. 2020-03-28 12.11.42
    Faring: Capital of the Dúnedain, built by Lifa2116 and maropulj
  8. 2020-03-28 12.21.36
    Barad-dûr: Fortress of Sauron, built by Butterlord24
  9. Unknown-0
    Dol Guldur: the Hill of Dark Sorcery, built by Ληησ789
  10. 2020-05-18 12.35.01
    Carn Dûm : Fortress of the Witch King: built by Ληησ789
  11. 2020-05-18 12.37.35
    Rhunost: Capital of the Easterlings: built by Ληησ789
  12. 2020-06-15 23.56.25
    Amon Ereb: Fortress of the First Age
  13. HelmsDeep
    Helms Deep: Last Bastion of Rohan, built by Lifa2116

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