A server ran by Komarovo and owned by LonelyDork. My blood, sweat, and tears have gone into the creation of this server and I'm sure Lonely's have too.

Blood on Mithril is a LOTR server that is lax on roleplay so you can enjoy creating any type of custom faction and doing whatever you feel like. There are numerous custom factions, along with canon ones, that you can join. We have a small group of active staff and we are looking for more. Click here if you are interested in a role on our server. We use command blocks, essentials, and group manager to keep the server running smoothly.

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Operator jesssieler (Komarovo
Owner LonelyDork
Co-Owner Izze2724
Builder NurwhalesRyummy

Rules of the Server Edit

The following are basic summaries for each category of rules. If you wish to read the rules in detail, click the link to our website above and read the full server rules there.

General Rules Edit

As far as general rules go, you should be fine if you have a decent amount of common sense. Generic server rules apply such as no hacking, spamming, or advertising. Aspects that set this server apart are the leniency of rules regarding language, griefing, trolling, and map location. You may use any language you want and are allowed to grief small builds that clearly have not had much effort put into them. Don't claim land too close to WPs or player bases. To reiterate, you are much more free here in regards to doing whatever you wish to without worrying about a ban and are free to play without lore restrictions.

Claiming Rules Edit

The goal of this server is for many factions to claim lots of land and do whatever they wish to with it. But first, in order to claim land, you must be a king, or leader of a subfaction (i.e. Lamedon or Vintner Guard). Kings may either control claimed lands or influence them. By controlling them, that land can only be seized through war. By influencing land, it can be taken by another faction if they win a field battle. Influenced land can be claimed by paying staff 1000 coins per biome (or segment of biome). For rules regarding banner claims, there are none, given that your banner is at least 100 blocks from a player base. However, if you banner protect part of an enemy biome, they are able to raid your settlement and have that banner removed.

War Rules Edit

Any leader of any faction may declare war on any faction they please. Both leaders must agree to war. War can only be declared on one biome or controlled territory. In other words, the results of one war can only affect the biome under attack and the claimed biome of operation that the invaders choose to use. This is not to say, however, that you cannot attack multiple territories of a faction at once. Once a war begins, the defending faction may choose to go defensive or offensive. Either way, the war ends when all cities and/or fortifications in one of the two biomes are taken by the opposing faction. Cities and land do not fall under control of either faction until the war is over and a clear victor has emerged. If you own someone else's city, you are not allowed to grief it because they clearly spent time on building it.

Blitzkrieg Rules Edit

The purpose of Blitzkrieg is to harass players that you dislike or to bother a faction into engaging in war with you. Blitzkrieg is unannounced warfare. You may take over other players' cities with Blitzkrieg, and once you do so, you may destroy and/or loot all farms from that city. If you take the main city of any biome or faction, you are entitled to political control of that region/faction for five minutes. During Blitzkrieg, you are not allowed to fast travel or teleport once you enter the biome you wish to attack. In order to take a city, the player must be at that city to defend it. Taking a city through Blitzkrieg does not give you ownership of any city, unless you pay a member of staff 500 coins per banner to remove them beforehand.

Kings and Their Claimed Lands Edit

Dark Lord of Mordor: NurwhalesRyummy Claimed Lands: Mordor

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