It is time for the Children of Arda to rise! Edit

This is a simply done LOTR server, set in the days before Frodo leaves the shire. We try to keep rules to a minimum to allow for free will, whilst using the few we do have to promote order and fair play.

Although we opt for simplicity, we also bring a fresh new stance to the LOTR mod community with our unique feature: 'Captains'. This gives players something to work towards if they wanted to build a town, raise an army and lay waste to other factions, without being forced into conquest or politics like most servers do.

If sieges and destruction aren't your thing, do not fear! Players who would rather adventure or live in peace and prosperity or even just build beautiful structures are still able to do so without the fear of war and violence, due to the way that sieges, PvP and Captains work.

For more information on our server, rules or community, click to visit our Discord or Rules Page.

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Official Server

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