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The Cities of Arda server is for people who want a more immersive economy and city building experience. We focus greatly on Roleplay and Combat rules. The time is set in the 3rd Age so factions of that timeline are acceptable. Also we don't have preset factions exactly, but instead our city-states may choose their heritages which then use that alignment to claim the important cities that include Osgiliath or Rhunost!

Read the Rules here

-[1] Respect all other players and staff members on the server. Discrimination or bigotry of any kind is not tolerated. -[2] Swearing and other inappropriate language is not allowed and will result in being muted from the chat. -[3] Scamming is not allowed and will result in a server ban. -[4] Cheating is not allowed and will result in a server ban. All money and items acquired will be rolled back . [5] Hacking is not allowed and will result in a server ban. Any threats or jokes about hacking will not be taken lightly. [6] Do not spam the chat, and do not spam requests to staff. This will result in being muted from the chat. [7] Griefing is allowed on all unclaimed lands. Any griefing on trusted claims is not allowed and is punishable by ban. [8] Alt accounts are allowed up to one per person. Any more than two accounts on the same IP will be subject to inspection. [9] AFK farms that lag the server are not allowed and will be destroyed upon discovery. -[10] have map location on at any time

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Commands Edit

/list The list command shows who all is online and their rank.

/nick The nick command allows you to add to roleplay and set your name in game.

/kit This command allows you to collect what comes with your rank.

/home The home command allows you to set a home and teleport back to it at any point.

/bal This command shows how much money you have

/Help Shows All Available Player Commands

/Spawn Sends you to the server spawn

Cities and Claimants Edit

We currently have 4 Settlements up and Running plus 3 Major Cities left to claim. These Settlements and their leaders are as follows. Ex: Name, Location, Heritage, Level and Leader

Eryntaur, North Gondor, Gondorian/Noldor, Settlement, Mistaken4dreams / Lord Galen

Atalak, Rhudel, Easterling, Village, Ewan / Khamul III

Nogrod, North Ered Luin, Blue Mountains, Village, Ern_ie / Durain

Dol Amroth, Dor-en-Ernil, Dol Amroth, Settlement, Lord Tachanka / Aeccan "Two Face"

Major Cities are as follows. Ex: Name, Location, Leader

Osgiliath, Eastern Gondor, ---

Rhunost, Rhudel, Khamul III

Helm's Deep, Western Rohan, ---

Banks Edit

In Cities of Arda, there is a bank system that allows people to use currency to build their cities up. These can be found at Major Cities and in settlements or higher. They are run by the staff, who are Adv-Builders and the Owner.

Staff Edit

Owner: Underscoregamer_

Adv-Builder: Wung / Wung the Maggot

Adv-Builder: Ewan / Khamul III

Adv-Builder: Ern_ie / Durain

Builder: Ridd / Robbin the Maggot

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