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Darkness upon Middle-Earth sets its age between the events of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. DuME offers many different features, but primarily focuses on our Realms system, allowing players to create powerful realms and Kingdoms within their faction, which they can use to become famous figures of the lore and wage wars against each other. Realms and the server itself also boasts many PVE features, such as finding powerful Relics around the world for bonuses, Guilds that a player can join, increase their status in, and earn specialized reward, or developing the world through their realm by building great cities and settlements. The full list can be found in our discord.


Note: The full rules can be found here and on our Discord server.


  1. Use Common Sense. Staff have the final say. Be Mature and Respectful to all participants.
  2. English Only. Spare use of LOTR or other languages may be allowed in #roleplay and #lore. Your DMs can be whatever language you prefer.
  3. Exploit mods or Texture Packs like X-Ray are not allowed. If you are unsure if a mod may count as exploiting, ask Staff on discord.
    1. Schematica Printer is allowed.
  4. Exploits are not allowed. This includes Mob/alignment grinders, entering the overworld, and logging off in Utumno when it is closed. Punishment for such actions can include Alignment or Inventory Wipes.
    1. Alt accounts are allowed for server features provided they meet their own requirements, however using an Alt account to bypass a ban is not, and will move any ban to permanent.
    2. By default, Utumno is closed. Check #announcements on Discord to see when it is opened (typically near holidays).
  5. No positive Alignment with Enemy or Mortal Enemy factions. If you would like to craft something from Enemy Factions, ask another player or Staff.
    1. Alignment must be visible at all times.
  6. Rapidly Swapping Factions to unlock waypoints is not allowed.
  7. Nicknames and Item Names must be appropriate/lotr-themed, and not the names of famous characters/objects. View Character Rules or Relic Rules for more information. Use /nick to set your nickname.
    1. /relore is available for giving descriptions to weapons. Leaving the command blank will cause modifiers to be rerolled. This is considered an exploit by staff and will be referred to rule 4.
  8. Many Server features have activity requirements. Unless specified otherwise, Active is defined as having been online for at least half an hour in the last 8 days.
    1. Activity Requirements may be temporarily ignored provided staff are given valid reasons.
  9. Due to our server not being Forge, the Hill-Troll Chieftain and Mallorn Ent achievements can not be earned normally. Turning in the Trophy for either to Staff is allowable to have the achievement manually added.
  10. Our server has 2 forms of a mail system: a physical post office at Spawn, and a plugin. The guide below is for the plugin. KEEP IN MIND POUCHES AND MODIFIERS ON GEAR DO NOT ALWAYS PROPERLY TRANSFER. We recommend using the physical post office for such items


  1. Players may not banner outside of their home faction or Realm Area. Realm Builds are considered server property following the disbanding of the realm and may be requested for your own Realm use. View Realm Rules for more.
  2. Stealing and Griefing are not allowed. If you take blocks from an NPC Structure, tear down the entire building. Taking loot from NPC chests is not Stealing.
    1. Destroying Set structures such as the Walls of Isengard is not allowed at all.
    2. Griefing extends to all parts of the World, not just player builds.
  3. Do not build within 100 blocks of Waypoints without permission of Admins/Builders. Building on Roads is allowed as long as the road is not obstructed (gates on the road must be open at all times).
  4. No leaving waypoints (mod or otherwise) in player bases without permission. Parkouring into player bases (via skill or exploit) is also not allowed.
  5. Conquesting at player builds is not allowed. Conquest is not restricted otherwise.
  6. The server is sometimes reset for various reasons. These will be posted in advance in our Discord’s announcement channel. Some of these resets may allow builds to be saved. Refer to the specific announcement to know more.
  7. Troop Usage on the server is restricted via Troop Points. Different Troops cost different amounts of points. By default players have 6 Points. Refer to War Rules for more.


  1. The following items are banned in PVP use unless agreed upon: Mithril, Galvorn, Gondolinian, Utumno, Mallorn Mace, Flame, Chill, Relics, Character Gear, use of Troops.
    1. In PVP you must use faction gear unless agreed on. In PVE you may use whatever. Black Numenorean counts as faction gear for Near Harad and Arnorian is faction gear for Dunedain of the North.
  2. No Combat-logging or Fast Travelling away without permission.
  3. Map location is forced on.
  4. Our server used PVP Mode to prevent constant fighting. You are allowed to disable this at any time as long as you aren’t hunted.
  5. Players can hunt other players for Bounties or their own enjoyment. Being hunted requires you to turn on PVP, and prevents you from TPing, Fast Travelling, or logging out. Hunts last for 10 minutes with a 20 minute cooldown following them. Following an announcement of a hunt, the hunted player has 1 minute to prepare.
    1. Dying during a hunt as a hunter will end the hunt. Dying as the Hunted will forfeit the hunt to the hunter.
    2. Players can not be hunted in their home biome, realm territory, or allied faction biomes. Refer to this map for the definition of Faction Biomes.
    3. Players can not be hunted if they have under 25 hours of playtime (use /playtime to check).


Read our Discord Rules here.

Feature Rules[]

Additional rules regarding things like Realms, Characters, and Guilds can be found in our rules doc, though these are optional items to participate in.





















All of our staff are mature and will continuously stay like that.

All of the rules and information is gathered at the discord. If you're wondering about something specific, ask one of our staff members.




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