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Darkness upon Middle-Earth sets its age from 2951TA onward, ten years after the Battle of the Five Armies. We have lore rulers and 'Realms' which comes with powerful diplomacy and additional strength. We also have Relics, items from lore that, once found, grant the bearer a powerful boost in the server. All of our Information is located inside the rules page. All of the updated information is located in our discord.

2019-07-10 15.37.18

Players facing off at Helm's Deep, just before Update 35.

Facing Sauron

Sauron about to face off with five brave challengers.

Rules: Edit

Note: The full rules can be found on our wiki, or on our Discord server.

  • Be respectful to every player, if you happen to ever get into an argument, keep it in a safe spot.
  • Ask a staff member if you’re going to use a mod.
  • Griefing NPC buildings is heavily frowned upon. If you absolutely must grief a building take the whole build or you may be punished. There will be times that it is acceptable to grief, such as prior to a server/region reset.
  • Keep it in english in the game-chat.
  • Use mature attitude as much as you possibly can. Acting childish brings an negative impression on yourself and/or others.
  • No bug exploiting whatsoever.
  • Use of X-ray or any similar program that walks in the same path as hack is strictly prohibited.
  • Staying inside Middle-Earth is obligatory, going outside will result in an inventory clear as well as a warning. If you ever happen to get spawned in the vanilla world, which can happen. Type /spawn to get back to the ring portal.
  • You are not allowed to set any waypoints inside other players claimed areas/bases or anything familiar that is player owned.
  • Keep excessive swearing out of the chat! Remember that many children play here and that some players do not enjoy seeing coarse language. Staff will investigate each instance of excessive use of bad language and will deal with it accordingly. Help Staff enforce this by placing a screenshot of abusive behavior in #staff-help or in a dm.
  • Utumno is strictly prohibited to enter. It is only used for the cause of events etc.
  • Parkouring to get into bases is not allowed, this includes arrow boosting and pillaring as well.
  • Players may NOT use Mithril, Galvorn, Gondolin, or Utumno gear and modifiers (list includes: Charred Mallorn maces) in any acts of PVP or War. Unless agreed upon by both parties and Staff. All war gear must belong to the Faction the player is fighting for. Special gear such as Black Numenorean and Arnorian may be used by Southron and Dunedain players respectively or upon Staff discretion.
  • Alignment rule: Players may not have positive alignment with enemy factions.
  • You may only use your own troops that belongs to your faction or sub-faction.
  • Your troops may not use gear from other factions.
  • Keep /nick lotr themed.
  • Followers for factions and leaderships must stay active.
  • Having your alignment score visible is mandatory.
  • Faction jumping to unlock areas is not allowed.
  • If you happen to be inactive for 8 days without a valid reason, carrying a relic. It will get removed and repositioned.

Realm and Kingdom Rulers Edit

Realm Name Player IGN

Historic Rulers Edit

Every name with [CUSTOM] in them are self-made custom characters made by the player. All the custom and approved lore is listed below the lore rulers list.

Ruler Name Faction Player IGN Lords / Chieftains
Ecthelion II Gondor Open
Denethor II Gondor Tom6F
Sauron Mordor Open
Witch-King Mordor Open
Five of the Nine Nazgul Mordor Open
Agandaûr Angmar Open
Wulfrun Angmar Open
Tharzog Angmar Open
Thengel Rohan Open
Thorongil Rohan/Gondor Open
Treebeard Fangorn Open
Dáin Ironfoot Durin’s Folk Open
Dwalin Durin's Folk Open
Gloin Durin's Folk Open
Uri VI Blue Mountains Open
Floi Stonehand Blue Mountains Open
Bor Blue Mountains Open
Bard I Dale Open
Khamul the Easterling Dol Guldur Open
Two of the Nine Nazgul Dol Guldur Open
Gorduf Gundabad Open
Uglag Gundabad Open
Yagskai Half-Trolls Open
Rehema Morwaith Open
Sherkhan Taurethrim Open
Borthan-Huz Rhudel Open
Elrond High Elves Open
Glorfindel High Elves Open
Cirdan High Elves Open
Sangahyando Near Harad Open
Bilbo Baggins Hobbits Open
Fortinbras Took II Hobbits Open
Saruman Isengard Open
Celeborn Lothlórien Open
Galadriel Lothlórien Open
Thranduil Woodland Realm Open
Legolas Woodland Realm Open
Aragorn II Dúnedain of the North Open
Halbarad Dúnedain of the North Open
Gandalf Wizard Open
Radagast Wizard Open
Alatar Wizard Open
Pallando Wizard Open
Beorn Valemen Open
Grimbeorn Valemen Open

Staff Edit













Wzardguy (Trial)





DrPotatow (Trial)

All of our staff are mature and will continuously stay like that.

All of the rules and information is gathered at the discord. If you're wondering about something specific, ask one of our staff members.




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