Darkness upon Middle-Earth Edit

Darkness upon Middle-Earth has recently changed name from Lords of Middle-Earth for various reasons.

Currently we're in early stages on the server and we focus alot on our player's feedback. 

Darkness upon Middle-Earth sets it's age from 2941TA and contains historic characters. Being a ruler for a faction will award you with a title as that historic character along with more strengths. All the information about rulers can be found at our discord.

Our staff:








Discord Moderators


All of our staff is mature and will continuously stay like that.

All of the rules and information is gathered at the discord. If you're wondering about something specific, ask one of our staff members.

Current Leaders:

  • Ecthelion II, Gondor: BenRedicFazan
  • Sauron, Mordor: luuk65
  • Théoden, Rohan: Open
  • Witch King, Mordor: Open
  • Dáin Ironfoot, Durin’s Folk: Open
  • Thrain II, Blue Mountains: Open
  • Bain, Dale: Open
  • Khamûl, Dol Guldur: Open
  • Adrahil, Dorwinion: Open
  • Wulf, Dunland: Open
  • Azog, Gundabad: Open
  • Yagskai, Half-Trolls: Open
  • Elrond, Rivendell: Open
  • Círdan, Lindon: Open
  • Sangahyando, Umbar: kesnatwow
  • Bilbo Baggins, Hobbits: Antonconandoyle
  • Saruman, Isengard: Open
  • Celeborn, Lothlórien: iwellner45
  • Rehema, Morwaith: Open
  • Tansilu, Rhun: Open
  • Sherkhan, Taurethrim: Open (The Leader of this faction can make a choice of being evil or good)
  • Thranduil, Woodland Realm: Open
  • Berúthiel, Near Harad/Southrons: tikobiko333
  • Elessar, Dúnedain of the North: ChunkyYT

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