The Dawn of Middle-earth is a Lord of the Rings Minecraft server owned by Mahtaran. As a server, we accommodate various different play styles, although we do encourage a Faction-type environment.

About the Server Edit

The server aims to help players make the most out of their Minecraft Lord of the Rings experience. We hope to incorporate and encourage cohesion with Tolkien's vast lore that couples with a great community and make every player's experience the best that it possibly can be. Out of respect for other players, we encourage a respectable community for all players on the server.

In order to create a strong role-play and warring environment, the Dawn of Middle-earth allows players to form strong factions and wage war against other players. We furthermore intend to host many different events, such as dungeons, to allow players to feel even more involved with the server. Keep in mind, avoiding war and forging your own playstyle is completely possible.

Staff Edit

Name Role
Mahtaran Owner
Thulin_III Administrator
Teh_Tijn Moderator
Michmosca Moderator
Vinyarion Moderator
Equal_Rights Moderator
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