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The Champions Game (Official Trailer)

The Champions Game (Official Trailer)

Welcome, to the Doom of Mandos! On this server you will first join a faction, then start your great conquest. When building, a staff member can assist you with World Edit (only for Lore builds or when making a Dwarven build. Unless approved by the Owner or Head Admin). Relics/Lore Items can be gained by exploration, winning an event, or by becoming a Lore character (Learn more on Lore characters on the Forums page).

Wars are highly encouraged on this server, we have created a very in depth war system that you can find on our Forums. In a war you can have a certain amount of troops. NOTE: You cannot use any mithril during wars, only faction gear.

We are currently testing how vanilla enchants will work out on the server. So join soon to try it out.

Discord: Here

Forums: Here

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