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What Is This? Edit

Welcome! You've found the server page for the Eras of Arda server! We're the developers of the First Age Submod. The Eras of Arda server is a Minecraft server running an edited version of the Lord of the Rings Mod, which has been custom-coded to replace the Third Age world with a First Age one. The map has been changed, new factions have been added and all new NPCs and armours!

Sub-mod Info Edit

We have a new Beta release! This new beta has added a completely redrawn map, removed some factions and changed some up!


*Note, we currently have a testing server running. You can join at the IP:

Our Team Edit





  • Skrylfr
  • Gorbag12
  • Jerlag_01
  • Velaryon_
  • Telperonwe
  • GlennGapplePvP
  • Mythrandir01
  • King_Thirras
  • _Durin_I
  • Tarandirion

We are very satisfied with our current Team, please do not ask to become a Staff-Member!

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