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Check out our custom LOTR Resource packs! Changed the GUI and HUD for a simple, but Middle-earth Feel, similar to the quests in the red book. []

Ever On[]

The Road Goes Ever, Ever On...


Ever On is a Lord of the Rings Minecraft server owned by Bedrockbreaker7 and Elrohir314. The Server was first started on February 15th, 2020, although the server has been through many renditions and has been restarted many times, the final rendition of Ever On was released August 28th, 2020. The server will have to go through some changes for each update of the Lord of the Rings Mod as they are released.

Our server contains many unique features that you will find are not included in other Lord of the Rings Modded Servers. Our server has extra features like mini-games, tier-up systems, large lobby's filled with adventure, hidden Easter eggs, and much more. We also have several mods/plugins to improve the aspects of our servers. Server Features are explained in more detail on the "Features" page,  please go check it out!

All the best Lord of the Rings Modded servers have a faction selection, including ours. In our lobby, there are several halls opposing each other, one side is for those corrupted under the shadow (Evil Factions), and the other is for the free peoples (Good Factions).  Inside the faction selection halls, there are rooms for each available faction, press the button of your desired faction and you will be given a prefix by your name, access to new commands, and your inventory, achievements, and all alignment other than your chosen faction will be reset, and you will gain 100 hundred alignments with your selected faction. Each faction has a kit associated with it, which you will be able to use daily, and as your alignment with the faction increases, the rewards from the kit increases as well.

Our server features several mini-games and a dungeon event. Our mini-games are based on the Valar, they are competitions to please the gods of Arda.  The winning player for the mini-games receives alignment for a faction. Our dungeons include levels of rooms and hallways often engulfed in darkness, with more and more enemies as you ascend the dungeon.  Filling the rooms are generated chests of loot, with better loot as you go deeper into the dungeon. Dungeons are a part of events and are seasonal.

*Note some features are not fully implemented as the LOTR mod has not reached the required level of completion*

Features We Offer[]

-Custom Made Build Locations



-Admin Support

-Rank System

-Starting Titles

-Beginner Kits

-Faction selection that gives alignment with selected faction

+Much More

Why Us?[]

We offer full player support. Including New Suggestions, Help with use, and much more.

Suggested Mod(s)[]

Optifine (1.7.10 HD U E7) (For Dynamic Lighting)

Gameplay mechanics of the Lord of the Rings Mod

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