Fellowship of Swords: Arda's Heroes is a new LOTRmod server formed as a redesign of Swords of Arda. It is owned and run by SCUDtroopa, and administered by Halt03 and StrawberryGirl22.

Staff are friendly and dedicated, as are our players. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

Well, what are you waiting for? Join today at!

Important LinksEdit

Read our rules here!

Join our Discord server here!


We are a roleplay server, following our own custom lore. Custom factions and characters are a big part of play on our server, and we allow factions that fit reasonably well into the world of Arda.

We also have a claiming system, which allows players to take command of certain biomes. The list of claims will be found below.

Name of Build Claim owner Faction Biome Rank Appointed Lords
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