LOTRmodded minecraft for roleplayers/builders of minecraft and CoE Edit

This minecraft LOTRmod veteran and the Duchy of Anor proudly bring you this LOTRmodded minecraft server to play on!

Objectives Edit

The server aims to
1) create a bridge between the worlds and gameplay of minecraft roleplayers and Chronicles of Elyria (CoE) and its community, and
2) provide a minecraft based gameplay environment for CoE communities where they can start playing together.

Features Edit

This gives an incomplete overview of our main features, just to provide a first impression.

For all Edit

  • We focus on long term in-character roleplay, building, PvE and consented PvP.
  • Create your own character, builds and lore. We have no lore characters, nor pre-made lore builds.
  • Select one of 50+ sub-factions to start in. Forge fellowships to build and manage your own in-character community.
  • The server is whitelisted as we aim to gather a healthy, mature community. The law and order on the server is controlled by the whitelisted community.
  • We go by the principle of consented PvP. The player is in charge. This doesn't mean you can go anywhere without the risk of being slain. Enemy NPCs can still invade your lands, and you're free game in enemy lands. This creates an environment where roleplayer-builders can be certain their long term community and structure building efforts aren't in vain.
  • The (sub-)faction spawn areas (will) have NPC traders selling NPC spawn eggs so you can populate your settlements.
  • The server is comitted for at least a full year and all rules and features aim to support long term gameplay objectives.

For minecrafters and LOTRmod veterans Edit

  • After (sub-)faction selection, you start in a simple (sub-)faction spawn area, without unlocking access to The Shire.
  • Your alignment is preset so your facions enemies will try to find you and bring you down.
  • Fast transport cooldown is set to 40 minutes max and 8 minutes min. Plan ahead!
  • A couple of decent daily meals will keep you on your feet and prevent you from starving. You will value your quick snacks, drinks and pies as much as cooked meats and lembas as the hunger rate is comparable to vanilla minecraft.
  • Upon engaging in PvP, you will be tagged as 'in combat' and FT will be blocked.

For Chronicles of Elyria players Edit

  • CoE communities can play together in one (sub-)faction, set up their own fellowship and establish and build their own settlements and populate them with NPCs to their liking.
  • The world is massive, even larger than Elyria. Arda (downscaled 1:20!) measures a stunning 350 km from west to east and 450 km from north to south. That's about 8 times the size of Elyrias starting continent. Elyrias starting continent is comparable with the size of the part of Middle-earth known from the LOTR trilogy stretching from Lindon in the west to the Iron Hills in the east and Angmar in the north to Gondor in the south.
  • The alignment system of the LOTRmod has a slight resemblance with the reputation system of CoE. Faction alignment determines where you're safe and your presence appreciated and where you must bring an army to survive.
  • It's relatively cheap as it only requires a minecraft account. And installing is made easier as we provide a light modpack via the TechnicPack launcher.

Information Edit

More information on major starting points, scope and objectives for "Ilu Ambar - Quenta Arda" is provided in this document:

Rules and Guidelines for both Discord and Minecraft server are presented in this document:
Rules and Guidelines

General Information, a.o. on IP, Modpack and Discord roles, is presented in this document:
General Information

This document provides installation guides and an overview of tutorial information, tips and links for people new to minecraft or the LOTRmod:
Installation and Gameplay Guide

The following document provides all information on the whitelisting procedure and the application template:

Status Edit

The server is feature complete and we started whitelisting season. More guides are in the making and we're preparating for more advertisement and launch. Launch is expected in the third week of January.

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