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Ilu Ambar - Quenta Arda[]

The server is created for people who wish to experience custom roleplay, building and adventuring in Tolkiens legendary realm Middle-earth, during the Third Age.
The timeline for this server's roleplay starts at the eleventy-first birthday of Bilbo, Shire reckoning 1401.


The list below gives a rough overview of main features, just to provide a first impression to help people determine whether the server and its community may be worth joining.

  • The server provides a gameplay environment aimed at long-term immersive roleplay survival, with focus on in-character roleplay, building, PvE and consented PvP. The server world is Middle-earth and uses the LOTRmod the way it is designed to be used.
  • Survival mechanics are set to encourage planning ahead: incapacitation comes with a partial loss of inventory and a random body relocation, and fast transport is restricted.
  • The server has a ruleset and serverside mods (a.o. PvP Mode mod) to support player roleplay immersion and empowerment, and minimum staff monitoring and intervention.
  • As of April 2020, players require the following 7 mods to be able to join: LOTRmod, ArmourersWorkshop, AstikorCarts, BiblioCraft, CustomNPCs, CyanosLootableBodies and MineTweaker. All are included in this pack: Ilurambarla. Alternatively, players can use this zipped instance for MultiMC.
  • All players are equal and neither staff nor sponsors receive any benefits in-game.
  • The server aims for a community of players who value the server gameplay objectives above the predominantly short-term oriented PvP survival faction warfare that is typical for most minecraft factions/rp/rpg servers. The typical community member is mature, aims for long-term roleplay building and is relatively self-sufficient regarding the gathering of information and in-game resources. The server is whitelisted to ensure players who are allowed to join are aware of their behavioural responsibility. Whitelisting is controlled by trusted players via the Discord server.
  • Players are recruited from the communities in minecraft focussed on the LOTRmod and themed roleplay.
  • In-game all player characters are encouraged to physically act in-character at all times, except for OOC events. Chatting can be out-of-character in assigned chat channels.
  • Players are be able to toggle their ability to hit or get hit by other players and hired units in friendly and neutral biomes (not instantly: there are warm-up and cooldown timers). In enemy biomes, players are free game.
  • Characters can be in charge of land they control with the mods banner protection system. Any other political rule is to be arranged for by the players. Characters can only claim control of areas around their own bannered bases in their own faction home biomes or neutral lands. Banner placement in enemy biomes is prohibited.
  • The world political map is static with respect to the faction home biomes. There is only taking over of lands / conquest warfare in neutral biomes and only with affected players consent.
  • The server offers options to create and organise staged battles using the SiegeMode mod.
  • Players can create scenes and organise battles or sieges with minimal staff support.
  • New players start in a spawn area where they can select one of several tens of sub-factions. Upon selection they are granted a bonus alignment with the faction of their choice and two allied factions, they get negative alignment with all enemy factions defined by the LOTRmod, and are then teleported to the spawn location of their choice. Faction selection is a one-way process ... but players are allowed to create new characters and even resume playing old characters every week!
  • Players do not unlock access to The Shire upon joining the server and they start with an empty inventory. The sub-faction spawn locations are simple platforms and are protected to ensure no enemy units or invasions spawn in an area stretching about 64 blocks surrounding the stall of their sub-factions middleman, which is also located there. Players will have to gather their resources and craft their gear themselves, or get it from other faction members on the spot. Voting for the server can boost your early game foor supplies and your bannering and purchasing power.
  • Besides the numerous procedurally generated structures the server has no premade lore builds. There are no builders with creative mode and no server shops selling construction materials. The number of impressive, survival made builds gradually grows and each of them turn into fitting sites fit for immersive roleplay.
  • Griefing, trolling, bullying and landscape scarring are prohibited.
  • The server opened for whitelisted players on January 15 2019 and is planned to remain active and thriving for many years to come.
  • Utumno was opened permanently on the first serversary on January 15 2020.

Inspection of two squadrons of wood-elves near a fortress gate somewhere in the Taurardh.

  • We have a vast catalogue of custom, LOTR themed paintings available for use in-game through use of the Emmaitar mod, all with their own dedicated crafting recipe and fully documented in our Discord server.
  • Players can purchase NPC spawn eggs from middlemen spread around the numerous faction spawn sites and even customise their own trader NPCs.
  • There are also special mercers that sell and buy a range of products players cannot obtain or sell elsewhere in Middle-earth.
  • Besides the aforementioned, we have a range of special features to make life on our server more enjoyable than on others, a.o.: formations of hired troops are a thing, hired units can be ordered to use melee or ranged weapons, bomb damage is greatly reduced, player drops are kept in their own miserable incapacitated bodies, players can sit down on objects as they please and various recipes to make life more enjoyable, like recipes to combine lower tier smith scrolls to higher tier ones.

Ilu Ambar - Inias Beleriand[]

This is another Ilu Ambar server, focussing on Middle-earth in the First Age using the First Age submod of the LOTRmod. It is described here: Ilu Ambar - Inias Beleriand.


Our discord server is where it's at. Check in using this link: Ilu Ambar Discord Server


Major starting points, scope and objectives for "Ilu Ambar - Quenta Arda" are provided in this documents:

Rules and Guidelines for both Discord and our Minecraft servers:
Rules and Guidelines

General Information, a.o. on IP's, Modpacks and Discord structure and roles:
General Information

Installation guides and an overview of tutorial information, tips and links for people new to minecraft or the LOTRmod:
Installation and Gameplay Guide

All information on the whitelisting procedure and the application template:


The server is feature complete and was opened to whitelisted players on 15 January 2019.

Middle-earth and its chroniclers[]

The official sub-factions of the server and the characters (and players) playing there are listed in HOLD.

Note that:

  • Players can have multiple accounts and characters but only one active character per account, per server. We have an automated system in place that registers all player characters and allows our operators to change/reset player characters with in-game commands.
  • Characters that have an approved role as pacifist character are marked with a [P] suffix. Preconditions and conditions for such a role are described in §2.7 of the Rules & Guidelines.
  • We are working to implement a dedicated administration for player characters, their fellowships and the bases and outpots each fellowships has claimed. This will also be used for an up-to-date web map of the server world.


All builds on the server are created by dedicated players using survival mode only. Some are lore builds, others based on custom, fitting, lore. Some are massive, requiring many months of building, some are small and established in a few minecraft days. Most are intended to become roleplay hubs and the larger builds and settlements can be used as stages for events, including staged battles, which can be supported by the Siegemode mod.

Below is a list of finished builds and build projects submitted @ PMC. Some of those build projects are finished, some are works in progress.

Needless to say there are many more projects that are being worked on that are not (yet) shown in this list. Notable projects not yet listed above are: Bardhaven, Belegost, Dale, Dol Guldur, Fornost Enair and various other builds by the Dúnedain of the North in Eriador and the Lone-lands, various builds in the Pelennor Fields of Gondor and Minas Tirith, various smaller builds near South Mithlond, a massive project at the Ashen ford in the Rhudel, a large walled situation in Rohan, custom lore strongholds in the Woodland Realm, various builds in Mordor, Minas Morgul, and Rivendell.


In-game there is no formal staff policing the server. We expect every whitelised player to ensure misbehaviour is adressed when it happens, corrected on the spot, if possible, and reported when dealing with issues worth reporting.

We have 3 formal roles in our Discord that come with some additional responsibility compared to normal players, and these also come with a few permissions in-game to enable staff members to assist in some specific cases. The first is that of owner, the second is Vala, which is similar to an administrator role on Discord and/or server, and the third is Maia, which is similar to a moderator role. Valar and Maiar have access to more channels and can contribute to activities like whitelisting, Discord management and board discussions. They also get in-game permissions to set-up and manage events with the SiegeMode mod. They are only held accountable for their sole responsibility, which is to maintain their exemplary behaviour in the community. Any other contributions are not expected but appreciated. Valar and Maiar can have specific focus dependent on what they like doing for the server and its community.

Current Valar and Maiar are:
Valar - AlteOgre, Belzeref, Kastivi and Malvegil
Maiar - bel_qati, Bodhranist, kf131, Tauregandeth and Xanyo111

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