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Isildur's Bane Server is one of many unofficial servers that runs the Lord of the Rings Mod. It is among older servers, founded on July 28th, 2014 by players and staff from Immortalis, the original 24/7 Lord of the Rings mod server. (Talk page)

Even if you have all required mods, the server in the multiplayer menu may still show a red "X" with the text "Incompatible FML modded server" This warning can be ignored.

In general, Isildur's Bane is a server that provides a casual, community-focused experience. The server is PvP by choice. In general the community is welcoming and friendly. This server may not be right for you if you want a more hardcore, warfare and politics experience, but it is good for those who would like a more casual, survival, building, and community-focused experience.

We have a Discord server for our community. We'd love to have you drop by and introduce yourself sometime.

We have a data pack that allows Heavy Tools. Pick, shovel and the ax can be upgraded. The pick and Shovel allow you to mine blocks in 3x3x3 cubes. When upgraded the Ax will cut down entire trees.

Server Rules[]

General Rules:

1. No stealing (Unlocked chests in a players base are also protected from stealing. This also includes land and bases.)

2. No Griefing (Destroying blocks at someone's base)

3. No raiding (Attacking someone's base, destroying crops and killing their mobs, i.e. animals, traders, or farmers)

4. No Swearing

5. No advertising other servers

6. Do not harass or disrespect server staff or players

7. No building within 500 blocks of someone's base or town without their permission. There is plenty of land for all.

8. No using X-ray mods or other hacks. (Flying, cave finders, etc. Mini-maps with player radar are fine)

9. No claiming land at a Fast Travel point or obstructing a player from using the FT point. (or booby trapping a FT point)

10. No standing armies larger than 100 units, once hirable units get added. (You can hire more when you use them in a battle)

11.  Do not use exploits/glitches (i.e. glitching over a wall, duplicating items, etc.). Also, if you are given access to creative for a build, no spawning in items from creative to use in survival

12. And lastly, do not simply walk into Mordor!

PvP Rules:

1. No PVP logging (disconnecting while in pvp)

2. No TP or Fast Travel killing

3. No killing AFK players

4. No killing players at spawn

5. No repeated killing of a player after you just killed them and they don't have gear capable of fighting back.

6. After a fight is over, all players except the property owner are expected to leave promptly.

Server Staff[]

Owner : Mv22osprey

Admin: Revenagence, Agent_Ducky_42, Trebol

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