Isildur's Bane Server is one of many unofficial servers that runs the Lord of the Rings Mod. It is among older servers, founded on July 28th, 2014 by players and staff from Immortalis, the original 24/7 Lord of the Rings mod server. It runs on Forge Essentials. (Talk page)

In general, Isildur's Bane is a server that provides a casual, community-focused experience. The server is PvP by choice. It is disabled for players by default, but those that wish to can opt in using the PvP Mode mod. We also run events and have siege-mod arenas for your PVP enjoyment. In general the community is welcoming and friendly. This server may not be right for you if you want a more hardcore, warfare and politics experience, but it is good for those who would like a more casual, survival, building, and community-focused experience.

We also have a Discord server for players to use. We'd love to have you drop by and introduce yourself sometime.

Announcements Edit


Because there were once again no conflicts and because the whole factions thing is so new, we're going to do another short rotation. You have till midnight (UTC) Friday to submit movements.

With that said, the claims for the last rotation have been finalized and you can find them on the map. As some of you have already seen, there is a new faction on the map, the Emirate of Belkadar. Also, two of our factions have grown in size sufficiently to declare themselves Kingdoms. These are the Kingdom of Mirkwood (previously the Woodland Realm) and the Kingdom of Gondor (previously just Gondor). Several factions also gained or lost new members. Their rosters on the wiki and armies on the map have been updated correspondingly. Lastly, faction leaders, don't forget to collect your rewards in the basement of the faction building at spawn (yellow roof).

Server RulesEdit

  1. No stealing (Unlocked chests in a players base are also protected from stealing. This also includes land and bases.)
  2. No Griefing (Destroying blocks at someones base)
  3. No raiding (Attacking someone's base, destroying crops and killing their mobs, i.e. animals, traders, or farmers)
  4. No intentionally going to the overworld, nether, or end, i.e. no creating elven or morgul portals. (it helps prevent some lag)
  5. No Swearing
  6. No advertising other servers
  7. Do not harass or disrespect server staff or players
  8. No building within 500 blocks of someones base or town without their permission. There is plenty of land for all.
  9. No using X-ray mods or other hacks. (Flying, cave finders, etc. Mini-maps with player radar are fine)
  10. No claiming land at a Fast Travel point or obstructing a player from using the FT point. (or booby trapping a FT point)
  11. No standing armies larger than 100 units. (You can hire more when you use them in a battle)
  12. Do not use exploits/glitches (i.e. glitching over a wall, duplicating items, etc). Also, no spawning in items from creative to use in survival
  13. No bypassing the afk kick feature
  14. Do not simply walk into Mordor!
  15. No PVP logging (disconnecting while in pvp)
  16. No TP or Fast Travel killing
  17. No killing AFK players
  18. No killing players at spawn
  19. No repeated killing of a player after you just killed them and they don't have gear capable of fighting back.
  20. Do not use anything to bypass the PvP protection to kill non-eligible players (i.e . bows, fires, lava, hired units, etc...)
  21. If any player is trespassing and refuses to leave when asked and given the chance, you may remove them by any means necessary, up to and including lethal force. This is applicable for both PvP'ers and Pacifists.
  22. The only items which CANNOT be taken as spoils of war are quest reward items. These items MUST be returned to their original owner(s) following the fight, and failure to comply will result in appropriate punishment. Anything else is fair game.
  23. A player may enter another player's bannered areas through the use of foot travel or mounts. Unless permitted by the owner, any other methods of gaining access to bannered areas are strictly forbidden. This includes setting or sharing waypoints in somebody's base.
  24. After a fight is over, all players except the property owner are expected to leave promptly.

Server Staff Edit

Rank Username Nickname
Owner mv22osprey Manwe
Admin Trebol2791 Queen Treb
Admin Agent_Ducky_42 Ducky
Admin Dedren Diana
Admin-on-leave AwesomeMan33221
Mod Wormsaloon0u812 Thranduil
Mod Glibby Gizik
Mod 1spock
Mod Revenagence
Wiki page admin Glflegolas

Factions Gameplay Edit

These are the links for the map and rules. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the factions channel on Discord, or talk to Kawolski_VII.

Faction Leader Members Number of


Capital Territory
Harad Trebol Bast800






Harad IB
Mordor Drowlord ColonelMustard27



Mordor IB
Winged Rohirrim 1spock
Rohan IB
Kingdom of Mirkwood Wormsaloon0u812 gb915




Woodland Realm IB
Kingdom of Gondor Stepholapolis Queen_Elizabeth


Gondor IB
Rhúdel glibby Revenagence


Rhudel IB
Khazad-Dûm jimmy_dude Decolonie
Khazad-Dum IB
The Authperians MInecraftmage113
The Authperians IB
Isengard Agent_Ducky42 sdkarrmann
Isengard IB
Cardolan Captain_Tarkin Mirlo


Cardolan IB
Arnor nickolien
Arnor IB
Emirate of Belkadar Arthod
Emirate of Belkadar IB

Major BuildsEdit

Build Builder Progress
Nogrod WIP
Thorin's Halls Allewoo, TheDom_24, Forsyth78, Azog2015 WIP
Helm's Deep Kawolski_VII Complete
Pelargir Kawolski_VII WIP
Bree Ubena Complete
Forsaken Inn Captain_Tarkin WIP
Weathertop Complete
Last Bridge WIP
Rivendell Mv22osprey, Magmawalker, Ubena WIP
Minas Tirith Stepholapolis WIP
Moria Jimmy_dude WIP
Beorn's Halls zappa08 WIP
Dain's Halls boto22 WIP
Annuminas nickolien Complete
Tharbad Captain_Tarkin WIP
Mount Gundabad Viseric WIP
Dol Guldur Glibby Complete
Erebor Sir_Wung WIP
Thranduil's Halls Wormsaloon0u812 Complete
Laketown Wormsaloon0u812, Teandell WIP
Aldburg Pancakeponcho WIP
Barad-Dur Arthod Complete
Isengard TheDom_24 Complete
Ain Al-Harad Arthod WIP
Mount Doom Glibby WIP
West Osgiliath Jimmy_dude, Stepholapolis WIP
Baraz-Dum Magmawalker, Sir_Wung WIP
Byrig Kawolski_VII Complete
Fennas Drunin Nickolien WIP

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