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|The resurgent power of Mordor, dedicated to the power of Morgoth and led by an enigmatic figure
|The resurgent power of Mordor, dedicated to the power of Morgoth and led by an enigmatic figure
|Ered Engrain
|Ered Engrain (Puppet of Orocarni)
|Feudal Monarchy
|Feudal Monarchy
|Secessionist dwarves of the Iron Mountains contesting the throne of Erebor
|We will... survive.

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Please note:
This server is created by members of the server community of It's a hARDA world; as that server has appeared not to be maintained adequately.
If you have items or builds on this (old) hARDA server that you wish to have transferred to the new server, please tell us on the combined hARDA server discord at


First things first, what is It's an Even hARDA World?

We are a continuation of It's a hARDA World, the server created by HubTou, as the active playerbase of the old server was increasingly unable to connect due to position error corruption.

The server attempts to emulate the classic hARDA experience, with some of the rougher features polished. In other words, we are a PvE focused survival multiplayer with opt-in roleplay and PvP systems to cater for many tastes.

We are continuing from the date the old server has reached, so the current date is in the mid-second century of the Fourth Age, not long after the death of King Elessar Telcontar.

A few things to note

The server is set to hard difficulty, starvation is fatal. Death chests are enabled and remain locked for 18 hours. Beds will mess up your spawn point and may trap you in the overworld with no way to return without admin assistance, don't use them! Nation based spawn points are provided! If you cannot see anything upon joining press f12 and disable point of view, this is an issue with more player models.

Like the old server, when you join there is an opportunity to pick your nation, make sure you are certain before doing so as faction changes can be a fiddly and annoying process for both staff and players, for this reason they will not be granted within a week of joining/your last change. When you do pick, you will be given some alignment in that faction and teleported to it's spawn shelter (which will also be your respawn point).

Like classic hARDA we have moving ships from the Movecraft plugin (instructions coming soon in the selection hub), free item naming and lore creation, item trading over distance and /tpa commands for lords.

The rank system from classic hARDA remains mostly as it was, though requirements have been bumped up a bit to discourage 'king-racing' and a few barely used ranks have been removed:

Ranks and their powers on the way to become a King
Title Alignment with your faction Additional Requirements Landed (demesne limit) Additional powers
Commoner 0-999 None No
  • None
Knight 1,000+ None No
  • Can lead armies in wars if opted in to roleplay
  • /tpa commands
Baron 3,000+ Be opted in to the roleplay system One Region
  • Can hold a landed title
  • Random events!
Count 5,000+ None Two Regions
  • None
Duke 7,000+ None Two Duchies
  • Can be granted a custom title by the king
King 10,000+ Significant contribution to the server (e.g an impressive build, etc) Unlimited
  • Grant custom duke titles
  • Set faction capital
  • Controls faction politics

As before, there can only be one king per nation, advanced details can be found on the discord or by asking in game.


To become a pacifist the player must first join any nation and then build up their alignment to +100 with all factions (except Fangorn), whereupon they may request the rank.

Pacifists gain access to /tpa, along with /hat and the ability to spawn player heads.

Once a pacifist achieves +1,000 alignment with all factions (except Fangorn) they gain the 'Maiar' rank, which grants all the pacifist powers, along with:

Weather control, /heal, /fly, /mute (and importantly /unmute) and /feed!


It is recommended to use the Even hARDA World technic pack to join the server which includes utilities such as NEI and schematica, however only the core mod is essential to play. Credit to Tsukune_Aono for creating this updated pack.

  1. Install the technic launcher
  2. Install the Even hARDA World server pack LINK: ( )
  3. Play the game
Legacy support
Legacy support is also provided here for the old pack however due to the mod version being ahead of the pack, there is a small amount of editing that needs to be done to use it.
Install the technic launcher
Install the hARDA World server pack LINK: ( )
Download the latest version of the mod, making sure you can find it later (35.3)
Open the mod folder, which should have installed at C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks/harda-world-server-pack/mods
Delete the file named '[1.7.10] LOTRMod 34.3'
Copy+Paste the '[1.7.10] LOTRMod 35.3' file into the mod folder
The game should now update itself when you next run it
OPTIONAL: Download neiLotr-1.0.0-ALPHA and neiRecipeHandlers-2.0.2-ALPHA from this website ( and insert them into your mod folder, make sure to delete the neiLotr-Alpha 0.4.6 file


As with any good server, hARDA does have some rules that everyone needs to follow to ensure a good time all round:


[1] Do not grief any other player's builds (bannering builds is still recommended)

[2] Respect other players

[3] Do not spam the chat excessively

[4] Keep swearing to a minimum

[5] Common sense applies in all cases, if in doubt, ask a staff member


[1] PvP is by consent ONLY (walking around with PvP active is considered consent, it's off by default)

[2] Player traps are not allowed except during arranged PvP events

[3] Do not use soldiers, lava, etc to try to bypass RDM rules


[1] Mob grinders must be underground

[2] Do not cram huge numbers of mobs together, one block per mob in an area minimum

[3] Auto farms must have an off switch and be turned off while the owner is not online

[4] If unsure if a farm is legal, just ask!


[1] An area is considered 'owned' by a player if it is clearly demarked (such as by a wall) and/or has a significant build inside it

[2] Hovels and sheds are not considered builds in their own right

[3] Do not build explicit, racist or otherwise inappropriate structures

[4] Please don't build eyesores, unless there is a good lore reason (such as a shanty town) or it is temporary (e.g dirt hovel). This includes leaving floating tree parts.


[1] Please do not kill NPCs (especially traders) inside or within 1km of a build or waypoint

[2] Please do not grief NPC structures within 1km of a build or waypoint, it ruins the landscape

[3] Do not kill soldiers under a player's command unless they attack you first

[4] Try not to drag huge numbers of soldiers with you, as a rule of thumb maximum 50 units active at a time unless you are at home


Griefing-The breaking or placing of blocks in another player's build area without permission. Also applies to killing traders, animals and hired units

RDM-Deliberate killing of other players by any means without PvP consent

Differences in the new server

A few things have changed, as seen above in the ranks section. Some features have been added, some removed and a few have been expanded upon.

  • It is now possible to sit on (vanilla) stairs.
  • Vanilla enchanting is gone, replaced by modifiers. Enchantments may be gained on some special items or through advanced technology (such as a suit of full plate armour).
  • Amplified hunger is gone by popular appeal.
  • PvP now has a proper opt-in/out system, so there should be less cases of spectators of duels getting killed in the crossfire (and vice-versa! :p)
  • There are now only 23 mainstream nations (down from 43) in order to rationalise RP a bit and cut down on one-player nations.
  • Ranks other than Baron and King actually mean something now! There is a full landed noble system as part of the roleplay which includes random events, trade, income, taxes, uprisings, etc!
  • A fully functional war system has been implemented to hopefully avoid the all too common arguments of the past. It has been fully overhauled and is the first of it's kind among servers, offering in-depth strategic and tactical levels of gameplay, with a battle system tailored to avoid the laggy death blobbing most battles devolved into in the past (thanks to Shipcommander and Bastfer for initial concept) and to greatly increase their scope. Vast battles with over a thousand NPCs a side are possible with no lag issues!

The RP system has been described as a mixture of CK2, EU4, Civilisation, Total War, Chess, Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Mount&Blade. In other words pretty unique.

  • Spawn eggs are now gained through events and excellent builds
  • A new mechanic, the HFS, which can pop up and affect the world through random events or through it's own actions. Beware digging too deep!
  • More custom recipes than before, including a technological advancement system.
  • We have a dynmap!

For those not interested in the new systems in place, remember that they are optional, if so desired one can play the game much as it was before.

Full information about the RP system can be found on the server discord, including maps and rules. If a situation does not fall under a stated rule poke the GM (Bernd_das_BrotB7), he will provide a ruling.

Nation Alignment Government system Brief Biography
Reunited Kingdom Good Feudal Monarchy Gondor and newly reformed Arnor under the heirs of Elessar Telcontar, slowly recovering now from a severe plague and disastrous campaigns in the Vale of Anduin, not all is well internally however.
Shire (puppet of RK) Good Puppet Monarchy Hobbits of a semi-autonomous Shire under the protection of the Reunited Kingdom, rumoured to have copious WMDs
Hildorien Good Feudal Monarchy Men of the farthest east living in the ancient lands of their origin
Orcs of the Misty Mountains Evil Tribal Confederation Various orcs ranging from Gundabad to Angmarim to the near-extinct Uruk-Hai, somehow friendly with Erebor
Lindon Good Feudal Monarchy The fading remnants of the high elves, soon to depart Middle Earth forever, but perhaps there is time yet for one last hurrah
Dale Good Feudal Monarchy The vigorous and expansionist Kingdom of Dale, though now sundered from Erebor and bitter after a humiliating defeat at Easterling hands
Erebor Good Feudal Monarchy Realm of Durin's successors, led by the child king Durin IX being held hostage in Gundabad and recently crushed by Rhun in the battles of the Iron Hills and of the Bridge, known for it's unlucky kings
Mordor Evil Theocracy The resurgent power of Mordor, dedicated to the power of Morgoth and led by an enigmatic figure
Ered Engrain (Puppet of Orocarni) Good Feudal Monarchy We will... survive.
Avari Good Feudal Monarchy The various Avarin realms of Middle Earth, tenuously united under a single monarch
North Rhun Neutral Oligarchy A recent arrival on the world stage, buffer state created in the aftermath of the Battle of the Bridge, led by the Diarchs
Rhun Evil Feudal Monarchy Surrounded by potential foes, Rhun must carefully manage its diplomatic ties in order to survive and gain power
Near Harad Evil Feudal Monarchy Nominal leader of the Haradric Union, naval arms race participant and greatest rival of the Reunited Kingdom
Ered Luin Good Feudal Monarchy Recently victorious over a failed invasion by Lindon, the dwarves of the Blue Mountains look upon their one time allies with a vengeful eye
Orocarni Good Feudal Monarchy Dwarven realm of the east, contesting the frozen lands of Forodwaith with Dale
Dorwinion (puppet of SC) Good Puppet Democracy Accused of beginning a plague which wiped out 5% of the global population, Dorwinion found itself forced to shelter under Silvan overlords
Silvan Commonwealth Good Feudal Monarchy After the War of the Ring Lothlorien was greatly weakened, without a leader they turned to their eastern brothers for aid, thus the SC was born. Having defeated a resurgent Dol Guldur they look towards Moria
Nan Ungol Evil Feudal Monarchy Home of spiders, possessors of a few islands in the Gulf of Harad, probably only still exist due to being members of the Haradric Union
City-Kingdom of Tharbad Good Feudal Monarchy The newly rebuilt city of Tharbad, independent of it's old Dunlending rulers and trying to forge it's own path in the world
Clansmen Neutral Tribal Confederation Famously tenacious guerrilla fighters from Dunland and the Vale of Anduin, known for their willingness to defend their lands to the death and their great generals Beor and Orstanor
Rohan Good Feudal Monarchy Rohan today is a shadow of it's former glory, having taken terrible losses in the War of the Ring they had finally clawed their way back just as a devastating plague known as the Minge struck, today the Riddermark is a land of ghosts and sorrow
Yellow Mountains (puppets of Avari) Neutral Puppet Monarchy Dwarves of the south, attacked the Haradric Union and were defeated, then had a civil war, got crushed by Tauredain jackboot which attempted to force all dwarves to migrate to the mountains of the wind or die. Saved only by the brave actions of the Avari and men of Hildorien at the battle of the Gulf of Harudor
Tauredain Evil Fascist Democracy Far right nationalists have dominated Tauredain politics for some time now. Their initial targets were the half-trolls and the dwarves of the yellow mountains, but when attempts were made to invade Hildorien the alliance of men and elves which faced them was too strong, in a bitter sea battle off Harudor the Tauredain, Moredain and Half-Trolls were defeated, but remain a powerful force in the south
Pertorogwaith Evil Ihaveabigstick-ocracy Pertorogwaith is not the most stable of lands, the half-trolls love nothing more than a good fight. After an invasion by the Tauredain a deal was struck for the half-trolls to obey, so long as they were given plenty of other things to bash
Moredain Evil Tribal Confederation The Moredain are a primitive people desperately trying to adapt to a modernising world, staunch allies of the Tauredain under King Bastfer the disparate tribes are clawing themselves into a new era
Fangorn Good Tribal Confederation The ents may be old, they may be few, but they are tough and they most certainly are not ready to disappear from the world just yet, perhaps one day they shall find the entwives?


(January 2019) The political map has been overhauled, no more duplicate nation colours to cause confusion (no, Dol Guldur is not owned by Dorwinion :p).

(March 2019) The Yule festival is (somewhat belatedly!) complete, congratulations to Arahael the Heptathlon champion and to runners up Suladan, Baggpuss and Raiden!

(June 2019) Overhaul of software underway to clean up some bugs (perhaps even crack down on the unlicensed dwarven miners?)

(August 2019) Utumno now has a spawn sign linking to it and as such should be safe to enter, nonetheless one enters at their own risk.

(August 2019) Tsukune_Aono has created a new server pack, making accessing the server easier than ever!

Plots and intrigue abound, the Quill&Dagger Update is currently being prepared (still)!

We have a dynmap now, link:

Basic Commands

/rules - Show the server rules as seen above

/help - Show available commands

/mail - Manage personal messages

/nick [insert name] - Give yourself a nickname

/me - Say that you perform an action

/tpa - Request to teleport to another player

/tpahere - Request that another player teleports to you

/list - List online players

/afk - Set yourself to appear AFK

/realname [insert nickname] - Show a player's real name

/msg [playername] - Send a private message

/r - Easily reply to a player

/pvp - Toggle PvP on and off

/trade [playername] - Ask to trade with another player

/itemname [name] - Name your held item

/lore [blargh] - Give your held item lore

/lockette [line] [playername] - Edit signs on locked chests.

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