If you like Epic Stories about Castles, Mystic Creatures and Legendary Knights, then this server is for YOU!

This Mod pack brings players to an amazing and adventure-packed world where you can play, conquer and explore the Lord of the Rings map whichever way you want, whether it's flying on a Fire breathing dragon, or cruising on a Airship. The Server itself runs Bukkit and has many plugins (including World Edit, Pvp Arena, Essentials, Custom NPC's) that allows it to create amazing movie scaled builds of the most popular Lotr landmarks and sensations such as Minas Tirith, Barad Dur and Thranduils halls, thrilling custom Bosses and Dungeons where players can fight and team up to gain enchanted loot and gear for which they can use to partake in faction wars and raids and massive events featuring great field battles and exciting sieges.

This Server also allows players to become Lords and Kings of territories throughout Middle Earth. Have you ever wanted to become the ruler of a faction? Then my fellow... Download the mod pack and join us!  

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How to play?

Its Simple, all you need to do is download Technic Launcher, select Lotr : A Story in Middle Earth and click install! 

Wiki created by Vision_SN (Warlord of Isengard) and curated by the community :D

Staff Edit












Currently none, please apply!

Players who wish to join the Staff or Builder team, Please check the discord the for application :)

Builds Edit

Here are some Snapshots of our Fantastic Server Builds!

Minas Tirith


City for the Light where good-aligned players can trade and purchase items. Also a Dungeon for the Dark where evil-aligned players can attack and kill the Boss (Aragorn). Located in Gondor.


Barad Dur

The city for the Dark where evil aligned players can trade and purchase items. Also a Dungeon for the Light where good-aligned players can attack and kill the Boss (Sauron, not yet implemented), located in Mordor.

Helms Deep

Helms Deep

Lore Build, used for events and recreating epic lore battles such as the Uruk Siege on Helms Deep. Located In Rohan.

North Mithlond

Rando 2

The city for the Light where good aligned players can trade and purchase items. Located in Lindon.



City for the Dark where evil aligned players can trade and purchase items. Located in Near Harad.

Thranduil's Halls

Thranduils halls

The city for the light where good aligned players can trade and purchase items. Located in the north of Mirkwood.

And many more amazing builds which you can find by downloading the Mod Pack!

Player builds Edit

This list may be incomplete, and will have many modifications over time.

Tyso Tower: Edit

2020-05-12 18.38.20
A fortification overlooking the White Mountains, It is also overlooking a nearby player made village. Owned by Zekethegolden of Gondor.

Anbenncost: Edit

The former capital of Anbennar and a symbolic place with elements from all the elven factions. Residence of the Exarchessa of Lindon-Rivendell.

Angrenost: Edit


The capital city of Isengard, currently vacant.

Damestear: Edit

2020-05-14 14.42.05

The capital city of Anbennar, it houses the Councilroom at the Top of the World, where the lords of the Consistorium meet, as well as deep, labyrinthine catacombs. Residence of the Basileus of Anbennar.

2020-05-14 14.43.03

Cair Andros: Edit

2020-05-12 23.53.10

The capital city of the High Kingdom of Gondor. Houses Gondor's King, and has housed many recruits throughout the servers time.

Chirogenes: Edit

An old city of elves near the northern Blue Mountains, this city has been struck by natural disaster in the past (Storymaker gone berserk with Creative powers before being banned) and is now a shadow of its former glory. Administered by the Exarchessa of Lindon-Rivendell.

Eregion: Edit

Eregion is widely regarded as the spiritual and cultural center of Middle-earth (at least for the light side). This city houses both the Grand Royal Harbour and Great Library of Eregion, which is the current seat of the Pontifex Maximus of the Faithful of Eru Illuvitar, Grovram Raie. In addition, Eregion is the largest producer of Papyrus and has a culture of cartography
2020-05-22 16.55.03
2020-05-14 14.03.47
2020-05-14 14.06.59
2020-05-22 17.16.18

The Gates of Celebrant:

A large fortress complex guarding the Pontem Anduin as part of the Anbennarian Via Anduin Network, Constructed by the order of the Pontifex Maximus to guard the western bank of the anduin against invasions from the Rhovanion plains and mordor and dol guldur beyond.

2020-05-22 17.19.01
2020-05-22 17.27.58
Fortress Gram:

A mountain stronghold constructed by the Basileus of Anbennar to maintain a watchful eye over the evil forces in Angmar.

Turia: Edit

The capital of the Themata of Rivendell (a province of Anbennar), and residence of the Strategissa of Rivendell.

Fort liantassë: Edit

2020-05-12 05.09.57
Owner absent

Pelargir Fortress: Edit

2020-05-13 00.13.27
A fortress of Gondor where Lord ATreme resides.


A strong fortification of Anbennar maintaining control over the central portions of the Misty Mountains.

Carn Dum:

Capital of the Witch-Realm of Angmar, located in the hill of Angmar,the dark city is home to Orcs, Hill-Men, and Troll. The Tower of the Witch-King lies at the heart of the city, where the throne of Angmar sits atop the top of the tower. (Note: The build is unfinished Screenshots will be provided when its done)

Established factions Edit

Basileia Anbennarion (Empire of Anbennar): Formed as the final decision of the Elven Council, in which the constituent elven factions voted to unify into the Empire, the Empire of Anbennar is a multi-cultural nation of elves and dwarves. Its government is modelled after the Holy Roman Empire while its nomenclature is borrowed from the Byzantines. Current notables: Basileus Alexios Komnenos (Lecta_Orinosto), the Exarchessa of Lindon-Rivendell Anthe Komnena (LienCents), the Strategos of Eregion and Pontifex Maximus Grovram Raie (VMYCode), the Prince of Dorwinion AlexD_, the Strategissa of Rivendell and Tourmachos of Turia wizbeth, and the Strategos of the Southern Misties Mini_potato_man.

Anbennar is a light side faction.

The Wizards Vale of Isengard:

-Disbanded due to inactivity

Isengard is a dark faction

Kingdom of Erebor: After the great economic boost and the dragon-attack of the Lonely mountain in the third age, Erebor restands united under a new Lord under the mountain. Durin's lineage is now in command of both Erebor and Dale, awaiting for new Dwarven heroes to show up and reestablish the great power of the Mighty Lonely mountain Kingdom. Erebor is led by Heykan and has IsseiHyoudo as a notable Lord.

Erebor is a light side faction.

High Kingdom of Gondor: The oldest faction on the server. The Kingdom of Gondor has stood the test of time and has remained standing. A Monarchy modeled after the Byzantines, and an Empire that has large influence throughout the server. Gondor is led by MineMuppet, and has lords that go by the name of zekethegolden, and a notable up and comer DankFibre56.

Gondor is a light side faction.

Dark Lordship of Mordor: No one knows about them, but they are preparing something, plotting in their dark fortress...[need further input]

Mordor is a dark side faction.

Exarchate of Lindon-Rivendell: A highly autonomous vassal of the Empire of Anbennar, the Exarchate administers to the western, high elven portions of the Empire which are disconnected from the rest of its land. It is ruled by the Exarchessa Anthe Komnena, heir and sister to the Basileus Alexios of Anbennar.

Lindon-Rivendell is a light side faction.

Principality of Dorwinion: A vassal Principality of the Empire of Anbennar, the current Prince is AlexD_.

The Principality of Dorwinion is a light side faction

The House of Bombadil: The House of Bombadil is one the major Hobbit Families of the Shire. Johann Bombadil (JeagerJohann) is the current head of the family, based from his burrow from deep within the Old Forest.

The Witch-Realm of Angmar: The Witch-Realm of Angmar a stronghold of evil in the north, and power that for centuries made war with Arnor under their fell Witch-king, the Lord of the Nazgûl. The faction is home to many Orcs, Trolls, Wargs, and Men, and by its power the North Kingdom of the Dúnedain was wiped out. But Angmar too fell shortly after, for the High Elves and Men of Gondor destroyed their armies in a battle at Fornost, and the vale of Angmar was purged of evil. Now the once separated evil is returning to Angmar and the once forgotten fortress of Carn Dum, now the forces of the Witch-Realm, seek to purge the Elvish taint from Angmar, can claim all of Angmar and the Lowlands, in the name of a new Witch-King.

Current Members: BrennenW05 The Witch-King, Corrbin Warcheif of the Rundaraz, Dark Warcheif of the Orcs, There is no current Warcheif of the Trolls.

Angmar is a dark side faction

The Golden Empire of Rhun: Following the War of the Ring and subsequent wars with Gondor, the once great Rhunic Empire was nothing more than clans scattered throughout the east. But one clan seeks to change this. Based from their fortress in the province of Rhundel, Clan Takeko, and it's current ruler Nizine Takeko (OtakuRylie), seeks to restore Rhun to its former glory. Clans have flocked to join Clan Takeko's cause, and many more have been conqured. Once the homeland is secured, The new Golden Empire of Rhun turns its gaze westward, towards those responsible for it's orginal defeat.

Rhudel is a dark side faction

We hope to see you in Middle Earth!

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