LOTR Survival is one of the more casual LOTR Mod servers, complimenting the power of the LOTR Mod with custom commands and features, coded to fit the server perfectly.

When you join, you can do whatever you want - be it exploring, fighting NPCs, building bases, fighting players, roleplay - and much more! Our flagship mechanic is our territory conquest (integrated with factions, sieges, battles and wars). We also have a pethora of other custom features, talked about in more detail below.

Join our Discord server:


  • We have split Middle-earth into various predefined territories - you can see a complete list by using /t list on the server.
  • Each territory gives out weekly resources, which include coins, ores, building blocks and more! You can see the resources a territory gives by using /t info <territory> on the server.
  • To be in receipt of these resources, you must own the territory. All details about claiming territory can be found at
  • Weekly resources will 'refresh' every Friday at 16:00 UTC.
  • Different territories offer different resources, and some will be more contested than others. Sieges and wars can be used to claim territories from other players - all detail is on the Google form linked above.
  • You can see territory structures and which territories are owned by which factions at The map displays territory information such as resources if you click on a structure or a region!


We have 43 default factions on the server.

Anyone can join a faction without any requirements by using our faction lobby displays, which can be accessed in the lobby. (Alternatively you can use /f join). On joining you are given the default faction rank. You can get to your faction's area by using /f home.

2019-07-11 17.23.41

The good faction wing in our lobby

Factions have a variety of features:

  • Editing a custom sign message in a lobby display.
    2019-07-11 17.34.11

    The faction lobby display of the Dúnedain, with the faction join sign and faction leader message in view

  • Editing a faction MOTD, broadcast to a faction member when they log in.
  • Setting and teleporting to a faction home.
  • Customising your and your members' titles.

Our factions system is controlled using the command /faction.

Faction command

Faction command help page

To lead a faction, you need to fulfill the following requirement:

  • 1000 alignment with the faction, if applicable

If the faction has an active leader (/seen within 2 weeks):

  • You should negotiate with the leader to establish what each of you want and perhaps reach a compromise, e.g. the leader stepping down and letting you lead.
  • If negotiations fail you may declare a faction overtake siege in the #wars channel of our Discord server.
  • The leader can choose which one of their faction's territories you must siege.
  • The siege victor will keep/receive the faction's leadership.

If the faction has an inactive leader (/seen over 2 weeks), or no leader:

  • Simply fill out the application and ensure you are within all the above requirements.

Faction leadership application:

We also have the option for players to create custom factions!

All detail on creating custom factions can be found at


Sieges are a regulated and scheduled conflict which take place at a siegeable structure. They can be as part of a territory overtake, for fun (recreational), or for a good reason.

Attackers are given siege machines to help them with the assault - we have custom-coded battering rams, siege bombs, siege earth and siege ladders on the server.

Battering rams

Description of how battering rams work, available at

All detail surrounding how sieges work is available at



Raw footage of a siege from August 2019

18 Siege - LOTR Survival LOTR Mod Minecraft Server

18 Siege - LOTR Survival LOTR Mod Minecraft Server

Raw footage of a siege in September 2018. Note that this footage was from when siege machines did not exist.

19 test siege raw footage

19 test siege raw footage

Raw footage of a recent test siege, where we tested siege mechanics to ensure everything was working. Hired units were not allowed for the purposes of the test siege, although this will not be the case in an actual siege.

Battles and wars

Battles are similar to sieges, but very different - they are a regulated and scheduled conflict, but the playstyle is very different.

Battle information can be found at

Wars are large-scale conflicts which utilise both battles and sieges. They can be used in mass territory overtakes.

War information:

Creative plotworld

We have a creative plotworld (commonly called build) which anyone can use!

Use /build to enter the plotworld from survival - you can use the same command to leave the plotworld at any time. To create and manage plots, run /plot help

2019-07-11 18.56.41

A view of our plotworld, with the plotworld lobby in the foreground.

Helpful hints:

  • Use /buildtimevote or /btv while in the plotworld to initiate a vote to change the time between night and day. This can be helpful for testing lighting.
  • Read our build rules carefully when you join build.
  • You can view our Dynmap for the plotworld here:


We have various types of events:

  • Spontaneous and unscheduled events which we initiate if there are enough players online.
  • Planned events which are announced in advance.
  • Seamlessly coded and integrated events, which are designed like minigames. These can be re-played at any time.
  • 'Manual' events which are coordinated by staff - these tend to be large one-off events.

You can win prizes and get rewards for coming to events, as well as having a lot of fun on a packed server!

Any scheduled events are announced in our Discord server - join using

Last Man Standing (LMS) event

Last Man Standing (LMS) event

Footage from an LMS event which we had. LMS can be re-played at any time, as it is one of the coded events. We also have launch events for new maps, with prizes.

War machinery

We have three different standalone machines of war, i.e. they aren't restricted to official sieges but can be used in normal survival as well. All three of them can be bought for in-game coins in our lobby shop.


  • LOTR Survival has working catapults!
  • You can see the catapult firing animation here:
  • A full description of how catapults work is below:


  • The hwacha was a multiple rocket launcher used in 16th century Asia - it fired rocket-powered flaming arrows.
  • We have our own version on the server - a full description is below:


  • You can fire powerful ballistas on the server!
  • A full description of how ballistas work:


Reset alignment and achievements

  • If you ever want to start afresh on the server, you can reset your alignment or your achievements hassle-free by using /alignmentreset or /achievementreset

Time and weather voting

  • Anyone can initiate a time or weather vote by using /timevote or /weathervote
  • This lets everyone online vote for their preference of the time or weather.


  • You can sit on any stair block if it has at least 2 blocks of free space above it - very helpful for RP situations!

Combat tagging system

  • If you go into combat with other players, you can't run any teleportation commands until you are out of combat.

Hired unit counting command

  • You can count your hired units with ease on LOTR Survival by using /unitcount
  • You can choose between counting the number of units (/unitcount count), or the price of all your units added together (/unitcount price).
  • You must specify a radius to count in - /unitcount <count/price> <radius>
  • If you need to, you can even choose to count your units which are in a specific squadron! (/unitcount <count/price> <radius> <squadron>)

Survival arena

  • You can enter our survival arena by using /arena
  • This can be used for any purpose - from duelling another player to chaotic free-for-all fighting with other players.
  • There is a gate system which can be controlled using levers, to ensure fights are as fair as possible.
  • There is also a PvP-free spectator zone.
    Survival arena

    Our survival arena. You can see the gate controls at the bottom of the screenshot.

Lobby arena

  • Do not get this confused with the survival arena!
  • The lobby arena is a much larger and more 'natural' arena - it can be found in the lobby.
  • This can also be used for any purpose, although 1v1s are usually held in the survival arena.
    Lobby arena

    Our lobby arena - the entrance from the lobby can be seen at the top of the screenshot.


  • You are able to set a home which has no cooldown - use /home
  • Keep in mind that there is a cooldown on setting the home - you can only set your home once every 24 hours.
  • Like LOTR Mod waypoints, using /home will teleport your hired units and mount, if you are riding one.

Ignoring system

  • You can ignore players using /ignore, and unignore players using /unignore.
  • Additionally, you may view any players you have ignored using /ignorelist
  • Ignoring a player will mean you receive no chat messages from them.

Custom crafting recipes

Lobby shop

  • We have a lobby shop where you can buy things with in-game coins.
  • It currently stocks trader, smith and captain spawn eggs, as well as jukeboxes, music discs and catapults.
    Lobby shop

    The lobby shop.

Dynamic player limit

  • The server's 'soft' player limit is set to 20, to make our tablist look neater.
  • However, when we hit 20 players, the server allows more players to join.
  • Our 'hard' player limit is 50.
  • Our current server record for players online is 42 players, and it was achieved during an official siege on 23/08/19.

AFK system

  • You can set yourself as AFK by using /afk - keep in mind that you have to be perfectly still, and not move your mouse at all.
  • When set as AFK, you are teleported to a lobby AFK chamber. Your name is also shown as italic grey in tablist. To leave AFK, simply move or chat and you will be teleported back to your previous location.

PvP immunity for new players

  • As a new player you receive 5 hours of PvP immunity (time played) - use it wisely!
  • If you wish to remove it early, you can use /removeimmunity

Tree chopping

  • We have our own server-side version of the popular Treecapitator mod:
    Tree chopping


  • You can view your lifetime stats using /lifestats.
  • We also have monthly stats which reset at the turn of every month - you can view these using /stats.
  • To check other players' stats, you can add their name after the /lifestats or /stats commands.
  • There are stats leaderboards for each category. View them using /topstats for monthly stats, or /toplifestats for lifetime stats.
  • We have a hall of fame in the lobby which displays the top players for each monthly and lifetime stat.
  • You can also view our stats on our web-based leaderboard:
    Hall of fame

    The lower floor of our hall of fame. The lifetime hall of fame can be found on the upper floor, using the stairs at the back of the monthly hall of fame.

Player kills counter on weapons

  • The number of players you have killed with an item is stored in that item's lore.

Team chats

  • You can create, join and manage team chats using /team help
  • These are an improvement on the LOTR Mod /fmsg system, as they don't require you to type /fmsg at the start of every message.
  • Instead you can just use /team to toggle team chat on or off, and /team select to select one of your teams to chat to.


  • You may /tpa to another player, and if they accept you are teleported to them.
  • If someone is irritating you by spamming you with TPA requests, you can use /tpa mute <name>.
  • TPA on LOTR Survival is better than other common TPA plugins or mods; it teleports your hired units with you, and also your mount if you are riding one. You are even told how many hired units teleported with you!

Staff team

RobRem58 Head-0
RobRem58 Owner
WhiteDireWolf Head-0
WhiteDireWolf Mod
Plannercat Head
Plannercat Mod
TommyWombo Pre-Mod
John snow13
John_Snow13 Pre-Mod
RedDragon1971 Helper
Xergarok Helper

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