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Legends of Middle-Earth is a survival, build, PvE and PvP server centered around Role play. We have our own backstory with a few lore characters which are played by staff members, all other players can create there own character and backstory as long it doesn't interfere with the main story.

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Legends of Middle Earth[]

Each one of you knows about the stories of Middle-Earth, the Awakening of the Races, the War against Melkor, the Creation of the Rings of Power, the One, the Three, the Seven, and the Nine. The Downfall of Númenor and the War of the Last Alliance, about the Major events of the Third Age, such as the journey of Bilbo and Thorin’s Company towards Erebor, and about Frodo, Sam and the Fellowship of the Ring. When the remainder of the elves left Middle-Earth, answering the call of the Great Sea, to return to Valinor, the Undying Lands, A new age had started; The Dominion of Men, but Middle-Earth did not cease to exist, and so we’ve arrived at the beginning of a new Legend.

Our story does not start in the Shire, but in Valinor. This is the story of a young elf named Aeross, whose parents had met in the Grey Havens while waiting for the last ships to sail across the Belegaer. Aeross was born on Wedmath 6th, in F.o.A. 10, and yet has to grow wiser like the elders of his kin.

He grew up with the legendary stories of Middle-Earth, of it’s heroes and villains, such as Gandalf the Grey, Legolas Greenleaf, Galadriel Arafinwë, Elrond Peredhel and so forth. He was fascinated by these stories, but wondered what would happen if a new Shadow would arise in Middle-Earth, and the Elves of the West would not be present to aid their people in such times. The Valar neglected the fact that this was a possibility, yet they allowed Aeross to train with bow and sword, learning to master combat tactics from an early age. For many years they trained, yet Middle-Earth remained at peace for hundreds of years after the Fall of the Dark Tower.

But the Valar’s ignorance of Middle-Earth’s situation soon turned into an opportunity for a new Shadow to take shape. In the Mountains of Mordor, A Black Uruk lived, formerly exiled by Sauron in the Late Third Age, because he defied Sauron’s orders. He was smarter, stronger, and taller than the other Orcs and Uruks alike, and on top of that he possessed the ability to lead the Spawn of Mordor properly, they were more inclined to listen to his orders than Sauron’s, His name is Dugarod Durburzum, and he aims to bring chaos and shadow back into the heart of Middle-Earth, but after the Destruction of the One, the Legions of Mordor were scattered and destroyed. The Reunited Kingdom of Gondor and Arnor possessed the dominion over the majority of the former Orc factions, so Dugarod knew he needed patience, before putting his plan into place.

During the Reign of High King Elessar, Middle-Earth was at peace, but when he gave up his life to pass the reign to his son, Eldarion, things started to change. Most of the humans that were born in this age had not experienced the War of the Ring, and had not ever truly faced orcs, trolls, wargs and goblins ever before. Some even thought that the story was made up, in order to ensure the children behaved properly, They even played made up battles against orcs with wooden swords and masks.

The peace lasted for around 180 years, however, but this would all change when he aimed to pass the throne to his oldest son, Aragorn III, his other sons were given appropriate titles as well. his second son, Heledir, was appointed as Warden of Arnor, his third son, Celebren, was appointed Warden of Harad. But when their father had died in F.o.A. 300, their older brother demanded that they return the dominance of their regions to himself. The brothers however refused this order and ignited a civil war against him.

At least 10 years after the spark of the revolt, another city, named Tenningrad, ruled by Lord Lucas I Tennin, rose in revolt as well. He was the grandson of one of Eldarion’s childhood friends, and before his death, an advisor of the Royal House of Telcontar. Lucas and his son, Lucas the second, fought many battles against the warring sons of Eldarion, but Lucas I died in one of these battles. Not everything was lost, because Lucas I had passed his teachings to his son Lucas II, and with that came his skill in strategy and leadership. After 11 years of civil war, he defeated the three sons of Eldarion and took the Throne of Men for himself. But in the aftermath of this conflict, Gondor lost the dominion of Harad and Rhûdel, and Arnor had separated itself from the Reunited Kingdom, becoming an independent realm. And this gave the opportunity to Dugarod’s legions, to prepare their Road to War once more.

Dugarod had 4 sons, whom he wanted to each control one of the Orcish dominions in Middle-Earth, but all these realms were under the possession of hostile powers, So he was planned to take these realms through warfare, For this he called upon the old allies of Mordor, Harad and Rhûdel, but only Harad was able to be swayed to aid him in this quest, for Alatar had taken leadership of the Eastern Khaganate after Gondor lost its power there.

So Dugarod assembled a plan with the Haradrim that was intended to surprise the men of Gondor, Rohan and Arnor simultaneously, Pallando the Blue had fallen to the Shadow and took control of the Haradric regions in name of Mordor, Together they were able to create a large cloud of smoke, in order to more effectively shield their plans from the eyes of the Free Peoples, but the cloud of shade turned out to be much larger than initially expected.

Large regions of Middle-Earth were darkened during these days, and the Free Realms knew that a new Shadow was arising, but did not know from whence it came. The time that was required to let this cover of darkness pass was used by Dugarod to launch an assault on the Kingdom of Gondor, who had posted garrisons at Amon Lanc, the Riders of Rohan, that was guarding the Tower of Orthanc, and the Kingdom of Arnor, which guarded the former Kingdom of Angmar and Gundabad, they were able to raze down much of the rebuilding process that the Dúnedain had started, and since they were still weakened by the civil war this objective would be much easier to obtain. and obtained they did, after 50 years, Dugarod’s first goals were achieved. Middle-Earth was once again on the Road to War.

During these years, Aeross began to sense a great danger arising once again, and he asked the Valar what the state of events in Middle-Earth was, Manwë answered that the continent was being covered in darkness once again, and that when the shade had passed, The Kingdom of Arnor was brought to ruin again.. And as such Aeross requested the permission to leave Valinor, and they gave it, at the notion that Valinor would be fenced against him and his followers, Despite this warning, many came to his call and were prepared to bear arms, heralding their coming to Middle-Earth once again, And to Middle-Earth they came at last in F.o.A. 410, Aeross was joined by thousands of Elves in this journey, who willingly came to his call, And as expected. they landed in the still mostly intact Grey Havens of Lindon.

And this is where you will write your story, your very own legend.


At the moment we have a quite easy position system, To become lord you need a base that meets the requirements and alignment with the faction you join, for king you first need to be lord and or be chosen as king or fight in 1 of 2 ways, thru rebelion against the curent leader or by a trail by combat. You can also become a ser, that is more a military rank, you will need a place to live and serve the lord/king.

We are working on a more advanced ranking system (by joining guilds) with part use of custom npc quests to advance, how ever it takes quite some time to create quest+dialogs for all factions. (All help is welcome)

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We will have multiple events that will happen at times inside of the server, there are no set time slots at the moment opposed to when we will have these events, all events will be posted into our Discord prior to it opening up. In terms of types of events, at the moment we have Utumno event, yearly anniversary events, build and wardrobe (armourers workshop mod) competitions and some all day possible events like marrage siege war and politics (RP).

Utumno event[]

Because entering Utumno will lag out and crash the server, we will provide you in a possibility to fight Utumno spawn in a special arena in Forodwaith it’s at the most northern WP, it’s not yet done but you can enter it and fight the Utumno spawn.

Yearly server anniversary events[]

Multiple events around 21 april, think of pvp, pve, treasure hunt and more.

Build and/or wardrobe competition[]

On the server we have build competitions to get specials rewards for players, you have to build all in survival. This is also A reasson for most players to keep improfing there builds.

we also have Wardrobe competitions, with the Armourer's workshop mod you can build your own small things, many are to wear, like armour heads and dresses but also blocks, like statue's tables cars, and much more.


On Legends of Middle-Earth you can marry, the king of a faction will get the perms to marry players, he can also choose a priest to do it for him. Players who are married will get bonuses in the game while they are together in an area, like hp, protection and attack bonuses. As ruler you can use it to unite two factions. If a ruler marries someone else of his faction that person will also become ruler of that faction, although it is not equal to the primary leader of said faction.

Lore Builds[]

The lore builds are being made as of right now. A Lord can get the right to live and rule a build if the king or a staff member entrust it to them, also can the king of the faction choose to live in one of his choose.


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Legends of middle earth- Helms deep


Legends of middle earth- Minas morgul


Legends of middle earth- Anât an Khôrumor

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