Here are the various rules that must be followed when editing/commenting on the servers page.


No commenting about server bansEdit

We do not wish to have server drama on this wiki. Bans are a personal matter and should be treated as such. Furthermore, the wiki staff don't have any authority on most servers.

No posting ban appealsEdit

Most server owners don't read this wiki very often. As a result, posting ban appeals simply won't work in most cases. Contact server owners on their message walls, Facebook page, Discord, etc. if you want to post a ban appeal.

Do not remove servers only because you feel ill treated by their staff.

Adding/Removing serversEdit

No posting server names beginning with an "A [insert here]"Edit

This is a rather cheap tactic that used to be used to get to the top of the list. In the interest of caution, any name that begins with "A [insert here]" will be moved to its place on the list if the name had no "A".

No adding private serversEdit

Servers that are not open to the public (i.e. a server you set up to play with your friends) shouldn't be put on the list. But whitelisted servers are OK, if you can apply to become whitelisted.

Do not add servers with microtransactionsEdit

Microtransactions, for example, being able to spend real life money to purchase alignment, armour, weapons, etc. are forbidden according to Mojang's EULA. Any server that features them will promptly be removed from the Wiki.

No bolding, CAPS, special characters, etc. in server names, IP's, etc.Edit

The servers page is meant to be a level playing field. Get recognition by being a good server, not through exploitation. This also means that you must add your servers in alphabetical order.

No removing a server due to rageEdit

If you become banned from a server, do not remove it or other servers from the list. It is every server owner's right to have their name on the wiki, regardless of how good or bad the server actually is.

When removing your own server, please explainEdit

When you remove a server you've added or you own, please leave the reason why you did it in the server's page edit summary.


Owners: Keep it up to dateEdit

If your server goes down, changes Forge versions, plugins, etc. please help keep this page up-to-date when new information is released.

Players: Keep things updated, but don't speculateEdit

If you are a player, please keep it updated as soon as possible but unless confirmed, do not state your own reason as to why a server goes down.

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